Going For The Gold - Decoding hair styles of Celebrities

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No blending in - this year, it’s time to dazzle! Celebrity hair expert, Savio John Pereira tells you how…

No blending in - this year, it’s time to dazzle! Celebrity hair expert, Savio John Pereira tells you how…

Bling the In-Thing

The year ahead is set to dazzle! It’s going to be bling, it’s going to be loud!! I will be making all my women loud – if you see a woman whose hair grabs your attention, chances are she’ll have stepped out of my salon.

It’s the year of golds. I will be playing around with different variations of the hue, depending on how nicely it works with different hair types and skin tones. Auburns with a reddish brown feel are what I see working, along with gold highlights.

No blending in - this year, it’s time to dazzle! Celebrity hair expert, Savio John Pereira tells you how…

Tress Impress

Anushka Sharma and Deepika Padukone are the two actresses whose tresses have caught my attention – in a good way! Anushka wears her hair well, she drapes it well. Yes, her bangs were a tad too short to start with but they’ve grown out and flowed into her hairstyle nicely. Deepika pulls off her medium blonde-highlighted hair real well.

But If I could I would

Give Deepika a radically different look! She keeps it classic which is good but she needs to play around with her hair a bit. Make it more interesting, in terms of cut and colour.

There is so much Katrina Kaif can do with her hair but she only plays it safe. I would put loads of layers into her hair, enhance it, give it bounce. That would make it so much fuller and it would look so much more interesting on screen too. In terms of colour, I wouldn’t go too different. I’d use subtle highlights to enhance the hairstyle. I’m longing to give my old friend Priyanka Chopra a completely new look… It will be a boho chic look, which she can pull off superbly. It will be completely sharp, with a pointed fringe… And she has the guts to do it, too. I remember, when she was shooting LOVE STORY 2050, the look required red hair. I suggested coloured extensions but she wouldn’t have any of that – her own hair coloured red was what she wanted and that was what she ensured she got! It looked spectacular and then three days later she calls to tell me, ‘Sav, I have to shoot a soap commercial; I need dark hair.’ Imagine that! So we had to go dark for the ad and perfectly so because I don’t work any other way – and then we had to spend the whole night getting her hair back to red for her film shoot the next morning!

Yes, actresses are limited by shot continuity considerations, but fact is most of them are basically extremely conscious about their hair and a tad too staid. They tend to stick like glue to a certain look. There is no individuality, more herd mentality. They say they want to experiment but they still want to play it safe. They come armed with reference pics but at the end of the day I tell them that I am the hajam and I have to do my job and decide what works and what doesn’t.

So, gals and guys, go on and break the mould!


This article first appeared in January 2014 issue of Cine Blitz magazine


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