Derby Magic with Alana At The Signature Premier Indian Derby

Born and raised in Hamburg, Germany, Alana is the daughter of world famous illusionists Frederik & Margit. She assisted her father until she was confident enough to perform her first magic routine at the age of 13. Mohlmann’s act "In Her Hands." she showcased a myriad of hand manipulations, made her favorite jewelry vanish and reappear until she turned completely headless!

When asked about her experience at the Signature Premium Indian Derby, Alana was gushing about the grandeur of the platform she was given to showcase her skills. She also added that the warmth of the audience encouraged her to come up with the best acts. She demonstrated her favorite act exclusively for Live in Style. Catch her acts live, only at the Signature Premium Indian Derby hosted at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse.

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