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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 26 Nov, 2015 Share image 1 Share

Once upon a time, a Mr. Nobody stood on the pavement of Marine Drive, Mumbai and said – “I will rule this city one day.” And whaddya know, he did exactly what he promised and today he is the unrivalled King Khan of Bollywood.

Fame, stardom, awards, applause, adoration — this super-duper Dilwale star has everything that he once desired.  

Super Dilwale Star

With no Godfathers and kick starting his career as an anti-hero, this ordinary looking Delhi boy was almost written off, but every time his detractors tried to pull him down, this Baazigar grew stronger and conquered millions of hearts.

Yes, one can say that he seduced the lady luck with his magnetism, but crediting his massive success to luck won’t be fair either.

There are certain attributes that has made Shah Rukh Khan from a Nobody to a brand called SRK. And while his signature style can’t be aped, youngsters can imbibe from his many qualities, so as to make a successful mark for themselves in whatever field they choose.

Here are four traits of the Chennai Express actor that can help you to pave your way to success…

The Winning Attitude

Shah Rukh always plays to win, be it a simple game of Pictionary or the big bad Bollywood game. He has often spoken about his obsession to win. “I love to win, at chess at monopoly, at carom, table tennis… any game you say, I want to win. My whole idea is to win; nothing turns me on more than winning. I love being No 1 and I’ll go down being a No 1. I am not Shah Rukh Khan by being nice if we are competing for a film I’d like to come first. I am not running a race to come second.”


What do people say about the universe is listening?

It’s a simply theory — whatever we focus our attention on is attracted to us. So if you are playing to win, no one can stop you from making a mark for yourself. This SRK attitude is certainly a must-have in today’s cut-throat world. 

Gift Of The Gab

SRK’s glib personality certainly has played a huge part in making him the star that he is today. Even haters have fallen for this smooth-operator after hardly seconds of interaction with him.

No one can remain unimpressed after meeting him and this despite his many flaws. For instance, a roomful of media will be agitated with him for making them wait for hours, but the minute he will dole out few words to express his sincerest apologies, all their rage will fade away instantly.

“He makes you feel very special, even if you have just met him, hence it’s impossible to dislike him,” a photographer friend had once told me.

Well, not everyone may be bestowed with this gift of the gab, but polishing your existing skills and building your self-confidence, public speaking and leadership skills is good enough for starting-up.


This Raees actor has always believed that everything is possible if you stick to it and it is this persistence that has made him the biggest name in the film industry today.

“After I did Baazigar, even my best well-wishers told me you can't be a hero again since you've killed a woman. But it did pay off, in the long run, everything is sustainable if you stick to it,” he said in an interview.

One need to learn from this superstar— ‘how to never give-up’, despite the many setbacks and hurdles. So believe in your dreams and start-up on an optimistic note.

Unbeatable Energy
The actor works for nearly 18 hours. Be it a broken back or anything else, SRK is simply unstoppable. “He has an unfair amount of energy. He will not put off anything till tomorrow, if it can be done today”, commented his co-star and friend Juhi Chawl in an interview once.

“I have so much to give as a person, as an actor, as a father, as a public figure, as an icon, as a superstar, as a rock star, as everything… that I just can’t stop,” said the Baadshah of Bollywood.

So if you need to achieve something in life, it is important to pursue your passion with a similar zest and determination.

And while there can’t be any Duplicates to the Shah Rukh Khan, there are many things one can learn from this Baadshah in life and make it into our own winning mantra too.

So are you ready to start-up like SRK?