The techie who zoomed in on photography: Vinit Bhatt


Vinit Bhatt is one of Mumbai’s leading young photographers whose body of work spans editorial, commercial, documentary, portrait, travel and fashion.. Whether it’s his striking adverts for fashion houses  or his evocative portraits for magazines like Rolling Stone India, Eat Stay Love, Man’s World and Tehelka, Vinit’s passion for photography shines bright.

Intriguingly, Vinit’s interest in photography began during a student exchange trip to in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where he got deeply inspired by his host father Manoel Marques, an artist and photographer. Vinit was an engineering student in India at the time, but all that exposure to art and photography got him thinking. He  came back to India, completed his B.Tech and worked as software programmer with Tech Mahindra. But the call of his passion for photography proved to be irresistible.  He eventually left the corporate world to pursue his deep-seated love for capturing people and places on camera, and turned it into a lucrative career.

It wasn't as if  Vinit hated his software job. But, as he says, for a change, he  wanted to do something for himself rather than for others. And hence was born a successful photographer. This is his story.

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Interview & Video Credits: Beverly Pereira & Madhav Sarogi

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