Guess what Giuseppe Zanotti would have been, if he hadn’t followed his passion for fashion!

We always advocate following your dreams, especially when it comes to carving out your career. From successful chefs to A-list actors, we’ve heard innumerable stories of people who pushed past the perceptions of others, to pave their own path to success. With each amazing tale, our belief in turning a passion into a paycheck is strengthened. Imagine a world in which J.K. Rowling had remained a researcher and Gerard Butler had opted to further his career as a lawyer — yes, that may have happened if they hadn’t chased their dreams!

Now here’s another story you may not have heard — and it’s haute (pun entirely intended). Luxury shoe designer Giuseppe Zanotti recently retold the tale of how he almost became an ice-cream man! “It was my plan B,” says Zanotti, explaining how his family expected him to take over its gelateria in San Mauro Pascoli, Italy. Obsessed with designing things (“As a kid I would always design ice cream cones,” he laughs), Zanotti decided to follow his passion for fashion. “I worked for 4 years inside a local shoe company (so I could acquire the required technical knowledge),” says the legendary designer, who went on to toil as a freelance designer for brands including Gianfranco Ferré and Valentino, before establishing his own label.

With 103 stores worldwide — the latest a three-storey ‘glamporium’ in Mayfair — Giuseppe Zanotti now helms a shoe empire. His fantastic creations are loved by the likes of J.Lo, Kanye West and Beyoncé… and to imagine none of it would ever have happened if Zanotti hadn’t followed his passion to that first paycheck!

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