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Ranji David

Quitting the corporate world to follow your passion is often equated with a gamble. But play it smart and it doesn’t have to be, says Ranji David.

The corporate life

Ranji David didn’t just step into the corporate sector and go rushing out because it wasn’t for him. He spent 15 years as a trainer in a top corporate and genuinely enjoyed engaging with people. “Still, even if you aren’t glued to a computer the whole day like, say, a techie might, you’re still spending a lot of time in front of a system. It’s an organisation with a fixed structure and there are limits to what you can do, especially creatively,” Ranji David says. That’s what drove him to give up his job three years ago and pursue his true passion: theatre.

Ranji David

First love

Even as he was working in the corporate world, Ranji David kept his love for theatre alive. Like his corporate career, it was nurtured over a decade and a half. During this time, Ranji David not only indulged his passion he also went about strategizing and planning to make his career switch work. “My belief is that it’s not just a good idea to dive in blindly,” he says. “If you lay the foundation and work out how you are going to make your passion pay, then there’s a greater chance that you can sustain it,” says this theatre person, who now makes more than he did on his corporate job. He now offers training for corporates focusing on theatre-based interventions, conducts theatre-in-education projects, stages theatre productions and collaborates with global artistes.

What a high

“The thing that strikes you most about quitting the straight-and-narrow and following your dreams and your passions on your own terms is how truly liberating it can be,” says Ranji David. “In a regular job there are restrictions to how far you can stretch you creativity, but when you’re on your own there’s so much more to explore and experience.” Some of Ranji David’s biggest thrills come from meeting and collaborating with theatre people across the globe. “The Handlebards, the cycling Shakespeare troupe, were a real find and I’ve been able to get them to tour India,” he says.

All the world’s a stage

Ranji David says he has a radical approach to Shakespeare, certainly his favourite playwright. His explorations include an adaptation of Hamlet especially for children, Macbeth, dwelling on corporate politics, Romeo and Juliet for young couples, Othello for married couples and King Lear for senior citizens.

Yes, he believes all the world’s a stage and if your role is crafted with passion then life can be a rewarding show.

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