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published time By Liveinstyle published time 06 Nov, 2017 Share image 0 Shares

We’ve all been there at some point, thinking of innumerable ways to convert our hobby into a full-time career. You did that course in design and know you are a designer at heart. For, when you look at billboards, you take in not only the products the billboards are peddling but also the placement and the fonts. But what is bringing home the bacon is your safe but pedestrian profession. But life is short and don’t let your dreams die. Fan that simmering passion into a fire in your belly.

Monetising your hobby is not impossible if you can create a clear strategy to achieve your dreams. One way to ensure that you don’t allow life get in your way of pursuing your passion is to constantly get better at what you do and hone your skills. When you have mastered your hobby and turned it into a useful skill, you’ll automatically be able to monetise it by putting that skill to use. In the early phase of your career, you might have to grit your teeth and stay in a job you don’t particularly like to make ends meet; but once you’ve scraped together enough money, pursue your passion with full force.

Here are three easy ways to make money by doing what you love:

1) Set yourself a deadline

Seems like the most obvious one, but we all tend to procrastinate – even when we want to do what we love. We respond best to deadlines, so make sure you set yourself, a challenging, yet achievable one.

2) Transition into your new way of life

Once you’ve set yourself that deadline, begin the process of transitioning into your new role – gradually and not abruptly. Pick up skills that will help you with the new role. Network with people. Look at your idea from various angles so you can anticipate any challenges. Talk to friends and experts who you think can help. And most importantly, constantly set aside money to help you transition with ease, and help you on a rainy day.

3) If you want to stay true to your dream business, hire people to do the tasks you don’t love

If you want to convert your passion into a profitable business, you’ll have to hire people to run aspects of your business you loathe. Thus, you’ll be able to save your energy to focus on the tasks that bring you satisfaction. For example, if you love designing jewellery and have launched your own brand, concentrate on product development and outsource the rest, such as marketing and contacting vendors, to an able agency. This saves you a lot of time and unnecessary stress.

Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Pull out all stops to pursue your passion with all you have, but never make the mistake of putting all your eggs in one basket. If you restrict your source of income to only one channel, you’ll be in trouble should it stop yielding profits like it used to. This is a straight road to disaster and bad for morale. You also face the grim prospect of building your business from scratch once again. It is therefore sensible to keep other income sources viable and not pin all your dreams on one business alone.

Always be in charge of your destiny

Nobody said that the road to success was an easy one. You will come across several challenges when you try to convert your passion into profit.  One way to ease your financial burden is to have multiple streams of revenue. This approach will stand you in good stead during the tough years. Never forget that not everyone has the privilege to create a business based on their ideals and creative vision. If you’ve had the good fortune to do just that, take charge of your destiny and do whatever it takes to make your dreams come true. And, if you ride over your difficulties with relative ease, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the right place, ready to face more challenges.