Entrepreneur on the go: 5 business ideas for the mobile entrepreneur

Does the thought of spending the best years of your life confined to a cubicle, five days a week, suffocate you? The good news is that you don't need to be chained to a chair in front of a computer screen to find success. If you have that restless ambition, you can start a mobile business that will literally take you places. Sure, striking out on your own is no cakewalk but there are several small business ideas that can help you make money while on the move.

Entrepreneur on the Go

Here are a few ideas to set you on the road to success, depending on your skill and outlook.

1. Physiotherapy

This is a recession-proof career. Any number of patients have to undergo physiotherapy after a stroke or surgery. If you are a people person, you can start a practice by hiring a team of professionals. You don't need an office for this. Like most businesses, it may take a while for you to get the wheels going but once you have established yourself, you and your team would have made a name for yourselves in this field.

2. Local food stall

Do you have great culinary skills or can you put together a team that has them? If yes, you can either freelance or start a local food stall with the right menu, right from the usual fast-moving items to salads and smoothies, depending on the location. You’ll be surprised how rewarding a loyal customer base can be. It’s all word of mouth. Literally.

3. Tutoring

Do you have a way with kids? Do you know your math and science better than most people? Or dance and music? Don’t wait: start your own tutoring business. If you have the space, well and good. If not, that’s fine. Today’s gated communities and apartments have common areas you can use. Also, students from nearby apartments can also share the space. Alternatively, you can start giving group tuitions in your own house or at the students’ houses and take it forward from there.

4. Photography services

If can see the world through a lens and can come up with amazing images, you could start your own photography services agency. Never mind if you start small: if you’re good enough and build an impressive portfolio, there are any number of weddings, birthday parties, corporate gatherings and other events you can cash in.

5. Personal training

If you’re a fitness freak, why not monetise it by starting a personal training business? Start small by focusing on your neighbourhood. The advantage is that you can provide the personal touch as your clients already know you. Your dedication should lead your business to grow. When it is big enough, you can hire other trainers to work under you.

Don't be afraid to start small. Take risks when you strike out on your own. Start by figuring out your strengths and weaknesses and take it from there. Good luck.

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