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published time By Liveinstyle published time 31 May, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Gone are the days when the inseparable wine and cheese combo were mentioned in one breath. Because this is 2018. And it brings along a hot new trend: the whisky and cheese pairing. Probably, old school whisky aficionados would scoff at the very idea and convincing them would be  a task.

Well, we’re here for that.

Here’s breaking the grand old myth that whisky and cheese are two ends of a spectrum. Take a look at this ideal combo which is a match made in heaven.

The balancing factor

Your first step is to match powerful whiskies with powerful cheese; flavour with flavour, and body with body. You should look for cheese that has an adequate fat and salt content to balance out the flavour and body of the whisky in concern. For high fat content cheese, the whisky you choose needs to be high on acidity so as to cut through the fat.

Do not complicate the palate

Even though it’s said that variety is the spice of life, yet you should not go overboard when it comes to selecting cheese.

Mildest combination first

Light bodied floral whiskies which are not too overpowering pair well with mellow cheddar.

Here’s what you should try:


Is Whisky And Cheese Pairing The Hottest Trend Of 2018?

Pair it with Cheddar: Bourbons have a strong woody influence since they are aged in new charred oak barrels but possess a sweeter profile. It goes best with aged cheddar.

Smoked Whisky

Is Whisky And Cheese Pairing The Hottest Trend Of 2018?

Pair it with Roquefort: Smoky whiskies can be overwhelming flavour-wise, which can overshadow the subtle flavour of the food you pair it with. Equally strong flavoured cheese like Roquefort is the best bet because it matches the intensity of the whisky.

Or Blue Cheese: Blue cheese is sometimes bitter, intense and even musty and goes well with smoky whiskies.

Peated Single Malt

Pair it with Gouda: The rich bacon notes of the whisky can be intensified by coupling it with Gouda. Gouda’s saltiness also adds a sweet and salty tinge to the whisky flavour.

Or Brie: Peated single malt is always more palatable with Brie due to its complex taste which helps extract its sweeter notes.

Highland Single Malt

Pair with Camembert: You’ll notice how the flavour of the whisky changes dramatically when it is paired with Camembert. The spicy notes become prominent in the process.   

Or Gouda: Gouda brings out a tinge of saltiness and nuttiness in the flavour of the whisky in concern, making it more intense. Perfect for those who enjoy a little bit of intensity.

Speyside Single Malt

Pair it with Camembert: Like we mentioned earlier, you need to match body with body, and flavour with favour. This smooth whisky pairs well with the smooth texture of Camembert and you will experience the subtle sweetness taking over your palette soon.


Pair it with Hard Cheese: Rye is spicy and possesses an earthy character. And it works spectacularly well with hard cheese, especially the one with crunchy salt crystals.

Blended whisky

Pair it with Camembert: Camembert becomes soft and creamy as it ripens from the outside towards the centre, turning it rich and buttery. And blended whisky with its complex range of notes is the perfect accompaniment.

LiveInStyle encourages you to party responsibly. Stay tuned for more such updates.

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