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published time By Mithila Mehta published time 07 Feb, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

World Scotch Day (8th February) is just around the corner – and we could not be more excited! If you are a true lover of Scotch like we are, do check out these fun ideas about how you can pay tribute to your favourite drink.

1. Whip up a lovely Scotch cocktail: Whether you’re keen on the delicious Jack Straw cocktail (with cherries and ginger ale) or a classic whisky sour, try something awesome! Learn to mix up a mean drink – a life skill that is sure to make you the life of many parties in the days to come. Here's a list of some super fun recipes that are quite the rage in leading bars across Mumbai. Of course, if you prefer your Scotch in your own signature style, that’s completely fine too.  

2. Visit a Scotch distillery: Most Scotch distilleries welcome visitors with open arms and are happy to offer a detailed tour of the distillery and its history – with some Scotch tasting to round off the session. Many distilleries also organise their own festivals and events, which are great experiences for Scotch enthusiasts. Making the trip may be very expensive, but it will be truly the experience of a lifetime! Surely you will have newfound love, respect and passion for Scotch Whisky after it.

3. Learn some interesting Scotch trivia: If you really love Scotch, it’s only natural then that you’d want to know everything about it. Doing deep into Scotch trivia is interesting – there’s just so much to learn! Plus you’d be able to have some great conversations (who doesn’t love to talk about Scotch!) and be seen as quite an expert around thanks to all your knowledge. Check out the Whisky Cheatsheet and then learn the truth about some of the biggest myths surrounding Scotch.

4. Host a Scotch appreciation party: Planning a Scotch appreciation session can be a great way of paying homage to your favourite drams. There are some great experts who can help you out in meticulously planning the event and lead the tasting for your guests. Your guests will remember the party for a long time to come as an informative and exciting experience. If you’d like to organise a Scotch appreciation session, you can find some handy hints about it here.

5. Scotch at the movies: From Hollywood blockbuster films to some of the most-watched TV series of the 21st century, Scotch whisky could warrant its own IMDb page for all its appearances on the big screen. Felipe Schrieberg explores some of the most iconic Scotch whisky moments in cinema – as well as a number of ‘brands’ created specially for the silver screen. From James Bond to Star Trek, where can you sport your favourite dram? On that note, here's a fun fact: Johnnie Walker is the Scotch brand to have been showcased the most on the silver screen, representative of its central place in pop culture.

6. Cooking with whisky: Not only does whiskey go well with food, but it also goes well IN food. From cheeseburgers to BBQ chicken, whisky adds spunk to many recipes. If you’re more of a dessert person, try making a Whisky méringue tart or a delicious boozy chocolate mocha cake. With so much awesome stuff you could make, you will never be short of inspiration or ideas. encourages you to drink responsibly

Pic credits: Pixabay