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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 09 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

She is downright funny and does not shy away from speaking her mind. Diplomacy and being politically correct are not the words that exist in her dictionary, as she listens to her heart and fearlessly speaks what is on her mind.

Bold and sassy, this middle-aged girl (as she often calls herself) will have you in splits in no time with her quirky statements.

Bold and Sassy

Honestly, Mrs. Funnybones aka Twinkle Khanna does not really need any introduction. Making bold moves has been her secondary nature. After all not many actresses have the courage to give up on a six-year long acting career, choose to stay away from the limelight, and settle for a less glamorous work profile like that of an Interior Designer. But Twinkle did just that and now the successful entrepreneur has made another bold move — of donning the hat of a bindaas writer/columnist who is not afraid to crack puns at our PM, share her two bits on political and current issues, and write about menstruation cycles without blinking an eyelid.

Undoubtedly, Mrs. Funnybones is the hottest new sensation in the literary world and is more in the news off late than her superstar husband — Akshay Kumar. However, ‘the man of the house’ is not complaining, rather he sits back and takes pride in all the attention that his dearest wife is getting.

“My wife has always been very good with her words, whether they are witty or kind, blunt or honest, her tongue has a way of working that makes everyone in the room sit up and listen. I couldn’t be more proud of her,” the Khiladi said recently.

In fact, Akshay who will soon be seen in Singh Is Bling is the first one to read anything that Twinkle writes. “Akshay is my editor; he reads all my columns before I send them. I think he does it out of sheer fear that there will be words that might get me into trouble. My problem is never what to say, it is what not to say. I have been outspoken since I was little,” says the author of the recent bestseller — ‘Mrs Funnybones: She’s Just Like You and a Lot Like Me’.

“My wife is like that. I always tell her be diplomatic, but she is like that… what is white is white and what is black is black for her. There is no filter in her mind, what enters in her mind, comes out,” explained Akshay.

Twinkle’s alter ego, Mrs. Funnybones, was always lying hidden in some cozy corner of her creative brain, and has only surfaced recently through her columns and twitter handle.

“I had a job and my family, I had enough to do. I was not craving to be in the spotlight. There was no strategy or plan as such that I wanted to start writing. When the opportunity came, I said yes. I am happy writing. It has taken over my yoga practice. However, it was not a career move.  The last time I wrote before the column gig happened was in my teens. I had half a book, and a bunch of morbid poems about earthworms and death. Some time ago, an editor I know well said, that I crack lame jokes and read a lot so I should try a humour column. I kicked that one off, and another paper came, saying, shift the column. Now, I write for both,” says the fashionista about her writing stint.

What really is appealing about this gusty writer is her self- deprecating humour; she doesn’t shy away from laughing at her own self or making jokes that revolve around her like this one that she often says — “My name rhymes with wrinkle.”

And she doesn’t stop at that. An excerpt from her book reads as follows — “Naming me Twinkle was a foolproof way of making sure that I would get teased throughout my life. I have immigration officers at various airports stare at my passport and shake with hysterical laughter and strangers stalk me with WhatsApp messages like, ‘Twinkle, Twinkle, little star, I hope you get hit by a car!’”  

“I didn’t have an option, you see. When your name is Twinkle, you are a bookworm and a fat child, then you have to be ready to be made fun of. As a child, I used my fists a lot, but then the tongue seemed like a better option. So I started using words as a sword to jab fun at myself. I thought before others could make fun of me let me do it to myself,” explains Twinkle.

Like some wise man once said — “If you don’t know how to laugh at yourself, you do not know how to live life.”

Needless to say, Twinkle is doing just that — laughing at herself and making us giggle too.

Keep twinkling boldly Mrs. Funnybones!  

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