If you want to go bold, these five futuristic gadgets are for you!

March 17, 2017 Bold Articles

The future is here — ready to be slotted slickly into your briefcase, or garage. For men who won’t settle for second best, 2017 has already unveiled the most innovative tech toys ever! Get dibs on these next-gen marvels, as we curate a top 5 list that will luxe up your lifestyle and make a bold statement.



five futuristic gadgets

A VR simulator that can turn you into a superhero? Race ahead to grab this one! Demonstrated at the CES Unveiled event in Las Vegas in January 2017, the Hypersuit exoskeleton — developed by a Paris-based start-up — is a full-body immersive VR simulator. You have to lie face-down on the movable exoskeleton platform, wearing a virtual reality headset, and move your arms to control the ‘flight’. On offer are a range of evocative experiences that allow you to be anything you fancy — from an astronaut to a deep-sea diver. For enhanced atmospherics, it even includes a fan blowing at different air speeds depending on the virtual setting! Time to suit up, mighty geeks.



five futuristic gadgets

There’s something about the French and how they appease your vanity, along with your love for futuristic toys! After all, no hot-blooded metrosexual man could possibly resist a sleek, round, tinted glass mirror loaded with sensors that lets you catch up on the news, enjoy your favourite playlists, listen to the radio and even read your horoscope — all while you’re getting groomed for the day. Better still, this interactive multimedia platform can be controlled without touching it and also comes loaded with a grooming attendant! Ekko is the latest star in French company Miliboo’s hyper-connected inventory and, with customisation at its core, this is a mirror that really reflects your personality!



five futuristic gadgets

You won’t resemble Darth Vader entirely (the look is more Hannibal Lecter), but the plebs will be intimidated and privacy will be guaranteed in your competitive work environment. A personal acoustic device that protects speech privacy in open space environments, the Hushme headset — developed by US-based Ukrainian engineers — is a high-tech microphone-enabled voice mask that snaps together in front of your mouth and connects via Bluetooth to your phone. While it insulates irritating ambient noises, it gives you soothing alternatives — the sound of the wind, ocean or rain — to drown out any remaining peripheral sounds. Not only does the headset mute your voice for others, it can also change your voice by overlaying it with the sound of a squirrel, Darth Vader or R2D2 (seriously!), when you speak into the built-in microphone.



five futuristic gadgets

There’s nothing more genteel than a spot of fishing with your buddies, whether you’re angling in Texas or Seychelles. Amp up your fishing game with Beijing-based company PowerVision’s waterproof PowerRay drone. This smart device can dive down to 30 meters underwater, where it can use an optional ‘Fishfinder’ sonar component to detect shoals another 40 meters below it. The PowerRay operates in both fresh and salt water and includes a 12-megapixel camera. What’s more, it also claims to lure fish with a friendly blue light and an optional remote-controlled bait drop! Meanwhile, you stay up top, tech-targeting that monster fish of your dreams.



five futuristic gadgets

Communicating with your car via a touchscreen will soon be terribly old-fashioned. The cars of our future are going to integrate artificial intelligence to not only fulfil, but predict our needs. Case in point: the Concept-i. Toyota is pitching this innovation as “more pal than interface.” Its on-board AI agent — nicknamed ‘Yui’ — “anticipates your needs and informs the car, so that Concept-i can consider and execute that next action accordingly.” Other ‘simpler’ features of the Concept-i include projecting video views onto rear pillars to eliminate blind spots and a next-generation heads-up display that helps to keep your attention on the road. Add to this an amazing external appearance and a steering wheel that looks a bit like a game controller — this is truly a machine fit for a man of bold. Of course, while the concept car was unveiled two months ago, this is really Toyota’s vision of motoring in 2030. Nonetheless, it seems like it will be worth waiting for!


Image Credits: hypersuit; miliboo; geek; youtube; wired