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published time By Liveinstyle published time 06 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Kudos to Ms.Gupta for turning down an offer to be the face of a fairness product.

RC Bold Move Esha Gupta denies offer in Fair and Lovely

Ms.Gupta made headlines and even got a few people turning their heads, for politely rejecting an offer from a fairness product to be the face of the brand. Or said better in marketing and advertising lingo, to be its ‘brand ambassador’. She rejected the deal despite being offered a highly lucrative sum to sign up with the brand.

Ms.Gupta boldly voiced her concern and challenged the way such products associate success with complexion in their communication. In response to a question from the press, this is what she said: “I won’t endorse a fairness product because of the bias it promotes. According to these brands, fairness is proportionately related to confidence, marriage proposals, beauty, etc. My complexion has nothing to do with who I am. Trying to hint that not being fair is making you unsuccessful is wrong. I am beautiful the way I am, and so is everyone else.”

In times when Bollywood celebrities we worship help perpetuate this twisted idea of beauty standards, there are actually a few among them who put their foot down and oppose worship of the fair skin. It is amazing to see that these wonderful women are challenging the status quo, right when most among them send out problematic messages through their ad campaigns because of the associated benefits.

Also considering the immense amount of influence that leading Bollywood stars have on the masses, it is essential that they are more responsible when it comes to the kind of products they endorse, or the kind of messages they send out to the masses.

While this move by Ms.Gupta is ‘fair’, we believe it was also ‘lovely’ on her part to reject an offer that would make her coffers swell big time. Here’s a like for Ms.Gupta for this exemplary move of hers!

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