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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Jan, 2018 Share image 0 Shares

Have you ever kept a count of just how many times you Google something? We're sure, not. How many of these searches actually give you the best results? We are sure, very few. But when you search for best "bars around me" we are sure the best results pop u

But the next time you will not have to search for them since we bring to you the best bars from around the country where you can have a crazy night out.

1) The Beer Cafe:

Located all over India, this one is the ultimate hang out spot for groups. Just like the name suggests, the highlight of this place is beer. It serves 50 different kinds of beer from 19 different countries. Add great food and you don't have any reason to not visit this place.

2) The Great Indian Pub:

Despite being a small city Dehradun boasts of one of the best bars in India. The Great Indian Pub has great ambience and even better food, especially the non- veg platter, pizza and honey chilli potato. Its rooftop ambience and live music make it a complete package for a perfect night out.

3) AER:

Mumbai has tons of bars and pubs but none compares to AER. The rooftop setting gives a magical view of the city, the chic and contemporary decor gives it a classy vibe, and the Lebanese, Spanish, European, and Italian cuisines lend it variety. Celebrity visitors add the extra zing to it.

4) Bar Palladio:

Known for its palaces and grandeur, it is unlikely for Jaipur to have a great bar. But surprise, surprise! Bar Palladio is a must visit for all. Its royal interiors, elaborate Italian food menu, prompt service, a well stocked bar, and outdoor seating make it score a 10 on 10.

5) Arbor Brewing Company:

Bangalore's youth heads to this place quite often and why not. It is worth the time and the money spent. While their Flaming Chicken, Phat Abbot, and Baked Mac and Cheese are the specials, it is their freshly brewed beer that is the highlight of this microbrewery.

6) Cafe Mojo Pub and Bistro:

Goa is famous for bars and pubs so picking one is tough. But since we have to this is the one we pick. A combination of French and British cultures, this place is on every party lover's list. The Continental cuisine satiates your hunger pangs in the most delicious way and the karaoke nights and ladies nights with great booze fulfill your dreams of partying in the best way.

Now at least you know which is the best option to party in case you are in any of the cities mentioned above.

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Image Credits: Huffpost, cafemojo, house&garden, tripadvisor