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With its continued endeavour to elevate and offer its patrons an exclusive culinary experience, Farzi Café, Connaught Place shall witness the next level of culinary creativity across its cuisine and mixology. Drawing inspiration from global cuisines, the novel additions to the food and signature beverage menu, showcases innovation in Indian food, using modernist elements such as molecular gastronomy, and its signature ‘Farzi’ touch for an indulgent and sensory gastronomic experience. 

Farzi Terrace

Speaking about Farzi Café's next-level culinary innovation, Zorawar Kalra, Founder & Managing Director, Massive Restaurants Pvt. Ltd. said, “Innovation has been one of the founding pillars at Massive Restaurants. Our endeavour, since inception, has been to continuously offer our guests a consistent, sensory dining experience, integrated with the latest technology & highest form of culinary innovation. While the philosophy remains the same, we have added many new and unique elements to enhance the overall culinary experience synonymous with Farzi Café."

"We are also extremely ecstatic to introduce a whole different dimension to the Farzi Café dining experience with The Farzi Terrace, offering versatile interiors, stunning view, curated music, live performances and a handcrafted menu, as well", Zorawar added. 

Farzi Cafe Terrace

The ambiance at the Terrace of Farzi Café, Connaught Place brings together unique interior elements giving it a spacious and rustic feel. The décor emulates the play of metal and wood, and is ingeniously nuanced with projection lighting and mirrors, each used in a way to accentuate the raw natural beauty of the place. Among the many attractions at The Farzi Terrace, is the massive metal island bar, displaying its mixological innovation, while the plush lawn floor and tall metal candlelit waterbody lends an inimitable artistic flair. The stage for hosting live performances with lavish interior elements, transforms the décor into a high energy space, offering a dynamic ambiance to delight guests with a unique, genre defining, Indian bistronomie dining experience. 

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