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Wow your guests with simple party food ideas that are so simple yet you had never thought about them. The whole point of deciding the menu while hosting a home party is to keep it quick, simple and delicious. You don’t want to spend all your time in your kitchen and be too stressed to interact with your guests. There are a ton of great ideas to wow your guests while keeping their allergies, diet, intolerances and dislikes in mind.

Fried Edible Flowers

Fried Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are actually a delicious crispy starter that taste even better when fried. Replace your chip and dip bowl with some fried edible flowers with salsa, sour cream or maple syrup. Marigold and rose petals can be batter fried in a slightly spicy batter to offset the sweetness. Basil and Arugula are delicious as is but even better when fried and tossed with soya sauce. For the diet conscious try the easy alternative of Baked Kale Chips.

Image caption: Asparagus, Goat Cheese and Edible Flowers in Orange Vinaigrette 
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Gol Gappa Shots

Why leave alcohol out of the meal? Have a pre-set counter with vodka, gin, rum, tequila or any alcohol of your choice mixed in the jaljeera. Your guests can make their own gol gappas. Make them as potent or as mild as you please. 

Image Caption: Gol Gappa Shots
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Candy Floss Counter

Place a candy floss machine near your bar and watch your guests get innovative. Some may eat the candy floss as is while others may pour some vodka on candy floss. Also innovate with candy floss martinis and mojitos.

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Fruit Cones

Fruits served as is are not considered to be fancy enough to serve as party food. Jazz it up by making fruit cones with delicious waffle cones. Surprise your guests and soak the alcohol in Champagne to add that extra kick.

Image Captions: Waffle Fruit Cones
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Cheese Platter

Cheese and crackers are not just delicious but also filling. It will also up the glam quotient at your home party to serve a platter of imported cheese to pair with your wine. Make it a point to learn a little bit about the cheeses, like the flavours, pairing and so on, so you can show off to your guests. 

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Image Caption: Chalkboard Cheese
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