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published time By Sindhu S published time 22 Jan, 2016 Share image 0 Shares



We are perpetually on the onset of finding new entertainment options in Namma Bengaluru despite the endless choices at our fingertips. At "Smaaash" you will walk into new dimensions and experience worlds limited only by your imagination, as they bring to you, Bangalore's very first Virtual Reality gaming center aimed at providing you the complete experience with the future of entertainment.

Housed in 1 MG mall's 2nd floor, it is spread over 2 floors containing exhilarating activities that will push your senses over the edge.


Virtual Reality is an experience aimed at making our brains believe in what we see and have our body reciprocate in accordance. Combine 4th dimensional physical sensations such as sounds, temperature changes, air pressure, elevation modifications and your physical state will get immersed into the experience as if it were happening for real. This end result is a physical connection to the virtual world providing a sense of exploration that has never been introduced before, and thanks to "Smaaash", you get your chance to get immersed into a virtual world of adventure and thrill.

Guests at the launch party of "Smaaash" did not expect what they were met with, and could be seen enjoying the experience beyond the normal realm all the way into the night. Groovy tunes rocked the party with an open bar and kitchen that served the best of finger food and drinks. Seat yourself in an actual F1 car and enjoy the 4D simulation with motion sensed effects on a 3-screen display. Play Dodge Ball in an automated space by dodging balls that are shot at you randomly by the machines. Slam dunk a basketball on a massive trampoline or try scoring a goal against a machine-simulated goal keeper (a woman mind you) at the Super Keeper. And the biggest attraction yet are the two cricket pitches that allow you to bat against any opponent chosen from any of the matches that have been played in the past. The visuals of players bowling on a massive screen, the speed and accuracy of the balls shot at you are absolutely commendable. And to make the experience more real, live commentators will cheer you on.

We are yet to come to the best part, the Virtual reality experience. The Finger Coaster, which is a self-created (that's right) roller coaster, allows it's guest to draw out the layout of the roller coaster they wish to ride, choose the ambiance (beach, galaxy, trees, etc) and enjoy the ride in 4D simulated chairs that move according to the roller coaster, wind blowing in your hair, and sounds that move according to the turns on the tracks, making your mind and body believe in its entirety that you are actually riding a real one. They also have a War Machine, simulating a heavy duty vehicle, Paragliding, and a Magic carpet ride (or sorts), that are all very exhilarating experiences.

The arena has even more to offer, loaded with standard and innovative game stations, a full-fledged black-light bowling alley, dashing cars, a Vertigo zone, gambling points and a lot more to try.

A massive dining area with a long bar are the icing on the cake. So the next time you need to get out and do something beyond the norm, head to "Smaaash", and we guarantee you'll be immersed in the realms between the real and the virtual.

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