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published time By Liveinstyle published time 25 Nov, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

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Hello to all the wonderful ladies out there…if you’re not too preoccupied this Friday, or even if you are, let me take this opportunity to tell you in brief what all is in store for you @ 1658, The Exchange. I am sure you know that this is the only Drinks Bazar in the city where the price of booze rises and falls like the share market. Not just that, we have an exclusive Ladies Night planned out just for you out here on the 27th night, and we have offers that you can’t resist. Take a quick look:

DJs Jimmy and Ritzee

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Now, if you are familiar with the party circuit in Calcutta, these names should ring a bell. Even if you’re not, doesn’t matter. Let me tell you that these folks are the finest and can make even the most reluctant of you to hit the dance floor

Longest Happy Hours

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Even though the party begins at 9, you are most welcome to drop in much before that because we have the longest happy hours on offering…from 2pm to 9 pm onwards. Need another reason? Read on

Darulicious offers:

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6 pegs of whiskey/vodka/rum along with a shisha for just 599 INR is a deal that you can’t refuse. Or can you? And Post happy hours also you can enjoy as the drinks price keeps on changing just like stock market ;)

Old English Charm

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Personally speaking, I have a thing for pubs that have a British reminiscence. This place is just a similar one. Walk through a time-warp and immerse yourself in good food, drinks, and music

Gastronome’s delight

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Dig into the paprika lamb chops or the grilled bhetki or go for the assorted cheese platter salad, this place will not disappoint you

Oh, did I mention that entry is by invitation only? Well, ladies, why don’t you call us up and know how to collect your invite? And men…phew…we aren’t leaving you out completely. Pay 1200 bucks, and the night is all yours!

See you there!!!