Bengaluru Party Hangouts - Featuring The Black Rabbit


Image Courtesy - gqindia

The Black Rabbit is one of the most happening party and nightlife destinations in Bengaluru. The place is full of life and the things that contribute to the same include the ambiance, lighting and the overall setup of the place. The tables are well spaced out and the place has a very warm atmosphere for anyone who is looking to have a good time.

Apart from the look and feel of the place, there is the delectable food that also deserves a mention. A few things to try out from their menu are the Baked Mushroom Spinach and Mature Chedder Filo parcels. Save some space between these tasty starters and ordering the main course as these are very filling for appetisers. Also, the bar is stocked with premium drinks from all over the world. A feather in the cap would be the service which is really amazing and swift. The staff is respectful and very considerate.

The place also has an outdoor space that makes up for a lovely location to relax and unwind on days when the weather is beautiful and soothing. The highlight of The Black Rabbit would probably be the Saturday nights when the DJ plays amazing English numbers and the whole place is packed with party enthusiasts from all over the city. If your idea of unwinding is to have good drinks and grooving to chart busters, then this is the place to be.


Definitely one of the best party hangouts, the Black Rabbit is known for good food, music and the parties!

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