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published time By Liveinstyle published time 22 Mar, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

How I thought the sun would shine tomorrow
But it rained . . .

There must be very few among the readers of this post who haven't heard this number by Parikrama. Perhaps India's first indigenous rock band, Parikrama has been synonymous with the rock scene in India. They are for sure an inspiration for many, and will keep being so for a long time...Hard Rock Café, the rock and roll themed restaurant chain is facilitating the India tour of this "young" band, and on the 17th and 18th  of March Worli, Mumbai and Hyderabad  has already witnessed a gig. Time for  Gurgaon to fasten their seat belts on 31st March:

India's finest indigenous English Rock Band


One of the few bands who have survived the onslaught of changing music trends, and perhaps because of their sheer love and dedication for the work they produce and the cult following that they have. 

The best café for rock concerts

Rock Concerts

Hard Rock Café, since its inception has been host to some of the best concerts in town. This will be no exception. Electrifying ambience, thunderous sound, great food and drinks, and a lovely audience...perfect.

Fine liquors to give company

VAT 69 and Smirnoff Black are the proud sponsors of this mega gig. Did you know that a bottle of VAT 69 contains a perfectly cured blend of over 40 malt and grain whiskies? That calls for a toast, isn’t it?

Finger-licking food

HRC boasts of an impressive menu, and our patrons swear by out world-class array of salads. Don’t give our burgers a miss, and our sandwiches command your attention.

Three Cities, three memories: 

Parikrama has already set the stage on fire at Worli, Mumbai and this time it's Hyderabad's turn. Next in line is Gurgaon. Three cities, three memories...fellas, this is going to be fun.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to witness this brilliant band of rockstars live. This is going to be an experience to cherish for a lifetime. Go ahead and book a table. Vapourize yourselves in the sound of whiskey blues...Am I dreaming? No...hell no! encourages you to Party Responsibly!