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published time By Liveinstyle published time 08 Feb, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

They are back! It was a few decades ago when we rejoiced deliverance from the British dominance and now, we welcome them back,  symbolically. As House of Commons opened its imposing gates to the masses on the 30th Jan. in the colonial swag, reminiscence of the bygone era came humming back. 

The British inspired gastro-pub, that guarantees La Dolce Vita, the English way, unbolted to welcome a bevy of revelers. The fervor and zeal was infectious – it enmeshed all to indulge in the celebratory mood. Though the affair was privy, it still was more than a full house with people swarming in till late to revel in until wee hours.

High-octane thumping music had all sway to popular and house while enjoying light conversations over brilliantly concocted drinks. The bartender at the highly structured open bar whirled up inventive snifters made with high premium Diageo aqua vitaes. The launch was made unique as it was laced with a side-splitting magical show by Manas and a stand-up comic staging by Kishore Dayani – both the artists did a wonderful job in giving the guests a good entertaining time. Snacks on the glide were lavishly abundant – everyone was seen relishing the viands.

Let me tell you, House of Commons isn’t for those with common taste. It’s engaging for those who’d want to relive the long-gone era of colonial style and stately sensation. Reasons to visit the place – SEE UNDER:

1. Living up to its Name

Owners Ashish Chakraborty and Aayushi Johari achieved the first feather in their hat by borrowing the name from the most prominent Parliament of Britain. This is where the initial excitement begins – where the cat gets curious! As you prowl in, you’d be enamored by the artistic deal. The London Bridge stands canopy-ing the Great Britain’s Chaplin. Move around and you’d see graffiti on the red-brick walls, images evocative of the colonial wave - vintage cars parked on shelves, archetypical English booths etc. The riveted leather seats, brick walls with metal piping, wooden plank flooring all exude the rustic pastoral country side pub feel. The sanguine scarlet-coy yellow mood lights infuse repose and the Dj validates the aura by playing popular and English classics.

2. Fusion gone Right

The intend of food here was to strike a balance between Asian and Western – let me tell you, it’s been achieved quite, interestingly. The extensive menu has something for everyone from salads, soups, pastas, wraps, burgers, noodles, biryani to tikkas and much more.

Highly recommended:

British Raj Mac ‘n Cheese — classic macaroni with oregano. It’s so sensuous you wouldn’t want to give up in one bite. The Bhatti de Kukkad aka Tandoori Chicken which is a fusion dish is perfectly marinated and lusciously succulent. A burst of flavours from Amritsar, it's a must have. Another must – Chettinad style mutton served with Malabari Parantha. Now typically a Tamil Nadu specialty, it has overtones of the coconut oil, even the malabari has the flavor of the oil. Authentic delicacy!

The Fish ‘n’ Chips are relatively smaller in size but beautiful in texture. Served with wedges and tarter, it’s a must Try!

The dish not to be missed is the Laal Maas – OMG! The Chef used his magic wand to create a different version of the traditional Laal Maas. He passes smoke through the meat with a few hidden spices that gives it its addictive aroma.

The Palak Patta Chaat is also quite an appetizing snack - Crisp and so suggestive of Delhi’s boulevard food.

3. Drinks have a brain

The Drinks are quite unique and their caliber to adjust to your mood and liking is incredible. The Tongue Twister is the most refreshing drink I’ve tasted in a while. Mint and green apple come together to stir up the senses – an invigorating blow is what it gives your tired mind. The bartender is receptive and will swirl up a drink for you on popular demand – the next we had was a Cucumber and Pineapple blend that was delectable. The good part about the mocktails is that they are whipped up with fresh ingredients sans sugar syrup that provide it with the rich organic lather.

Event the cocktails are good with innovative names like Silly Brown Cow, Burnt Manhattan and Deconstructed Sex On The Beach.

Written by Saumya Chandel