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published time By Liveinstyle published time 05 Feb, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

Best part about love is falling in it. The next moments are all about celebrating the togetherness. Lovers for sure don't need one day to profess their love, but what's the harm in a little more indulgence on one day and being in sync with millions of lovers across the world? A perfect day for love, for me, would be the one that ends with a cozy candlelight dinner... 

If you are celebrating this Valentine's day in Calcutta, let me quickly remind you of few places in the city where you can head for a perfect candlelight dinner with your loved one. Imagine, you...your roses...candlelight...lovely food and wine...and soothing love ballads...perfect, isn't it? Read on: 

•    Smoke Shack:

Smoke Shack- Kolkata

This rooftop lounge bar cum restro at Park Plaza, ballygunge, is definitely one of the most romantic destinations for a perfect candlelight dinner. Complete with a pool and the bar counter in the centre, this place will surely take your breath away. Must visit if you appreciate international cuisine followed by some brilliant heady cocktails.

Call Now +918100923799 to make the reservations.

 •    Serafina:

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If you are a lover of Italian or Mediterranean delights, this is the place you should be at. One thing that you can't afford to miss here is their authentic Risotto, closely followed by their impressive offerings of pizza and desserts.

Call Now +919883542640 to make the reservations.

•    Bombay Brasserie:

This new place has caught up really well with the food-loving populace of Calcutta. The ambience is perfectly suited for the romantic evening that you have planned, and the bombaiyya touch that they give to the traditional Indian flavors would swoon your taste buds. Even love for food is a sincere one.

Call Now +919681362105 to make the reservations.

•    Waterside Café, Hyatt Regency:

Poolside, candle lights, live music, excellent food, heady cocktails, and oodles of love. This says it all, perhaps. Be here to experience pure magic...the magic of love.

Call Now +913323351235 to make the reservations.

These are definitely the best places to be at on your special day...but don't forget to start the day with a bouquet of roses, some chocolates, and a poem written exclusively for her. Trust me, these old techniques still work like magic. She would love every bit of it. 

But book a table in advance when you head out for the night.

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