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A woman with a voice is by definition a strong woman!

And this gastro pub undeniably had a houseful of such caliber – effusively vocal. Diageo had set the stage to observe the International Women’s Day at this beautiful chichi bantam place – tucked snugly in a corner of the Sector 15 Market of Gurgaon – Speakeasy. The connotation validates the vibe – engaging and blithe.

The Pull:

1. Diageo Smirnoff Night

World’s crowning Producer and Distributor of premium liquor, Diageo sponsored the cocktails to commemorate the Women’s Day. All the wonderful drinks on the house, blended with precision and expertise, were customized combining Smirnoff. Guests enjoyed every sip harking back to antediluvian anecdotes. The viands on the tailored menu were the emblematically American – the Fish fingers were delicate and flawlessly fried.

2. Cocktail Calling

Speakeasy has an elaborate bar and is known for innovating cocktails – under the expert tutelage of Yangdup Lama, who is top runner in the Bar Industry – touted as a maven, Mixologist, Trainer, Consultant and a Cocktail Judge. As a matter of fact, just in case, you’re fastidious about what gets poured in your goblet, you can opt for Whatever You Say (on the Bar menu) - a flavor and grog of your choice and let the bartender whip up a storm for you in accord with your palette. From the Old Classics to the New Straights, enter the Golden Era of Cocktails as you enter this contemporary-warehouse, Bartender’s Den – an effervescent house of sagas that weaves tales around Bootleggers, Rum Runners and Moon-Shiners.

Cocktail Shop

PS: The Coffee Break was brilliantly achieved. Think of a fiery concoction that amalgamates the decadent chocolate, the pungent coffee, the flaming chilies and the intoxicating Smirnoff. That is what the bartender stirred up in the flute. A shining cocktail – on the make to order menu!


 3. Amicably Yours

You might just happen to meet the owners – Yangdup Lama and Minakshi Singh greeting and striking a hearty conversation with guests at the Bar as they did on the Women’s Day Celebration.

Minakshi said, “We are so happy to be collaborating with Diageo on the special occasion of the International Women’s Day. At Speakeasy, we strive to innovate our cocktails and give a character to each drink and today we’ve customized a whole range of cocktails bringing together assorted flavors and unique combinations.”

The Laid-back atmosphere and the affable interactions make this an ideal setup for reflective rendezvous or casual prattles.

JFYI – the Smirnoff Night had a Trivia Session to connect the perceptive crowd and free drink vouchers were distributed to people who had the correct answers on varied topics like Literature, History, Music, Movies etc. What a heartening way of involving the pack!

Written By - Saumya Chandel

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