Live Cricket Screening & Much More at Bakstage Kolkata

The T-20 is on and the cricketing fever has started gripping us bad! Brilliant teams, firebrand players, and nail-biting finishes would not make much sense if you are not in the right company or at the right place. Agree? That’s precisely why we at Bakstage have planned this perfect combination of cricket, music, buddies, drinks and food…just to make your cricketing evenings so very perfect. Watch live cricket at Kolkata’s one of the best bar, take a bite of your favourite snack, a small sip from your glass…that’s life at its happiest best. Take a sneak peek:

Live cricket on a large screen

Live Cricket Screening - Bakstage Kolkata

Some unlucky people would never get the time to watch a match live at the ground. For them, we have a life size screen inside our pub. We love to pamper our patrons…just like that

Longest bar counter in town

Much repeated, almost a cliché now…but this still remains the truth. We still have the longest bar in town offering great arrays of cocktails, beers & shooters...accommodating more patrons than anyone else in the business

Live DJ: 

Enjoy retro, EDM, Sufi, and Commercial music along with the matches with our resident DJ Sunny playing a perfect moodsetter

Big days, Big encounters:

There can be nothing more fearsome than an India-Pakistan match or an India-Australia encounter. Those poor souls would not be at the Eden Gardens during the Indo-Pak clash, watch it live here with your best buddies and favourite scotch

Good food to set the right mood:

Never watch a match hungry. We have an impressive menu on offer. Order, watch the match, eat, repeat.

So, time to keep aside your plans and indulge in this cricketing affair. Come, join us…and let’s watch the match together and cheer for our team! 

For more details please call +919883753337 encourages you to Party Responsibly!

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