Hello Halloween! A Spooky Party by the poolside - Top 6 reasons why you should not miss this Halloween Party

Do you know that the word Halloween means a “hallowed or a holy evening?” which means, it’s definitely not all about spooky costumes and masks! This compels us to invite you all for the best Halloween party in the town @The Poolside, Hyatt Regency, Kolkata, on the 31st!  Of course, you can come in your favorite Halloween costume, but there’s lot more to it. Take a sneak peek into what we have to offer on this night:

  • Lip-smacking BBQ Dishes:

With a light nip in the air, the time is perfect to gorge into some delectable BBQ delicacies, and what’s better than enjoying a BBQ by the poolside?

  • Party by The Poolside:

Have you seen the poolside of Waterside Cafe? Trust me it is gonna to be the best poolside Halloween party of the town.


  • Wide range of drinks:

As they say, a couple of pegs may free you from the fear. Huh! We will have an enviable array of drinks laid out just for you. Wanna test your courage quotient? Come over

  • Scary Halloween Décor: We would try our best to spook you out…and the ambience would be our greatest weapon. You don’t want to miss this…or do you?
  • Live DJ: Now don’t expect the DJ to belt out romantic numbers for you this night. The music will be scary too…

  • Special Prize for the Best Costume: Don’t forget to put on your best Halloween costume; it may just help you win a special prize. Well, I am keeping the scare factor aside…for the time being

Get to enjoy to your heart’s content at the best party location in the city. And all this comes with a price tag of 2000 INR! Beat that, eh? BTW, we’re getting booked up fast. Call us soon for a reservation!

Article by Abhishek Sengupta

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