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published time By Liveinstyle published time 14 Dec, 2015 Share image 0 Shares


The winters may have eluded Calcutta this time, but not D.U.S.K. The biggest ensemble of the finest souls behind the console unite once again to take all aficionados on a journey…and this time it’s going to be WILD. So, ladies and gentlemen from the city of joy, gear up on the 20th of this month for an exclusive gathering of the finest DJs at Ibiza, Merlin Greens, from 3 pm onwards. Brought to you by Smirnoff, in association with Coca Cola, Kingfisher Ultra, The Telegraph and Century Ply…this is the event you have waited for so long!

Take a quick look at who all and what all are waiting for you:

  • The Masters:

DJ Harish

When I throw in names like DJs Harish, Sanjay Dutta, Vicky, Dippy, Jazzleen and Rhea, expect some fireworks on the dance floor. These people have already tapped your dancing bones, and they are ready once again

  • The Stars:

Dharmalogy, Mash, Kunal, Raman, Koushik, Kabira, Animesh, Sumedh, Bumm Squad, Jimmy, Sammy, Raj and Nikhil…you name any, and we have them all. Didn’t I say…this is going to be big and WILD

  • Smirnoff Experience:


We fake a lot in our mundane, daily lives. But with Smirnoff, here’s your chance to unfake yourself. Free your mind, keep all worries aside, put on your dancing shoes, and live life like there’s no tomorrow

  • Party Destination:

Ibiza, doing justice to its name, is undoubtedly one of the finest party destinations in town. The gala set up and the lush greens that surround this place…this is where life begins. Where are you?

Good things don’t last long…so do our tickets. So, contact us for the invites.


Check out the experience of D.U.S.K 2014 December Edition


But let me quickly remind you that we promote responsible drinking. So, party as hard as you want, but don’t forget that you’re precious to us.
Party Intelligently!!

See you there, mates!

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