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published time By Abhishek published time 27 Oct, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

October is in its final leg, the light nip in the air is soothing, and Halloween is just round the corner. So all these together definitely calls for a celebration, and we at Sanchos, UB City, Bangalore,  are geared up to make the most out of this moment. We have just planned the most epic Halloween bash in the city and we would try our best to give you an experience of a lifetime. Take a quick look at all that we have planned for you. You can’t afford to miss this!!

  • Grand Halloween Bash: Pull out your favorite Halloween costume and dress to spook out everyone in vicinity. This is going to be a grand event, mind it!

  • Great Food:

If you love Mexican foods, this is where you should be at. Dig into our nowhere-else-to-be-found Nachos, tortillas, tortas, and Molletittos, and feel heave explode on your taste buds

Alcohol may not reduce your spook factor, but it will definitely set your mood for the evening. Order your favorite shots or peg of single malt, or go for the old and trusted LIIT…we have it all

  • Vachan Chinappa behind the DJ Console:

This extremely talented guy will play a set of old School Hip Hop and R&B, so that your foot never stops tapping

  • Experience the Uncommon with Ciroc:

When an event is sponsored by the best Vodka maker in town, gear up for experiencing some elements of uncommon. Uncommon is the new common, remember!

More fun and frolic will wait for you this evening. All you need to do is pick up the phone and book yourselves. Good times don’t last for long! We’re waiting for your call. See you there

For more details, please call +918553077550

Article by Abhishek Sengupta encourages you to Party Responsibly!