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published time By Liveinstyle published time 17 Mar, 2016 Share image 0 Shares

The legend say that St Patrick’s Day was first celebrated by the Irish diaspora in America, and has ever since been more popular outside Ireland. Whatever be the legend,  all we need is a reason to celebrate and we have one. At Bakstage, we are again gearing up for celebrating St Patrick’s Day and we plan to paint the town green! Saturday, 19th March, 7 pm onwards, we begin the celebration. Legend also has it that on this day, all restrictions on food and alcohol are lifted…we abide by that!

St Patricks Day Celebrations- Bakstage Kolkata

Irish Feast:

Keeping synchrony with the festivity, we are gearing up with an all Irish menu for our patrons. BTW, Irishmen are known for their love for food and drinks, respect that!

Going green:

The celebrations of St Patrick’s Day is incomplete without the green shamrocks! We replicate the same in our drinks. Gear up for some green cocktails. Sounds a bit odd, but tastes not…

Smirnoff Green Cocktails:

A specially designed cocktail for our patrons, made with the finest vodka in town

The best party joint in town:

Aargh! I know am repeating this again…but what to do? When you have something to be proud of, you keep letting others know about it, right? We have excellent music here, the longest bar counter, and a really well-stocked bar

This day is one among the world’s most popular festivals, but our country is yet to feature on the list of countries that have the best celebrations. Time to change the list, folks! Join us for the celebrations and let’s rock the party!
But as always, we encourage responsible drinking. So, whether you join us for this event or not, drink responsibly

Please call +919883753337 to book your tables now!