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Delhi's Stock Exchange Bar

Is it a stock exchange? Is it a bar? It’s Café Dalal Street, Delhi’s most exciting restaurant-and-bar concept, inspired by the stock exchange. Created by the dynamic duo of Himanshu Gupta and Vidit Gupta, both of who have a financial background, Café Dalal Street lets you trade – not in stocks and shares, but in cocktails.

Having already won over Mumbai, this quirky space is now where Delhi’s happening set let their hair down. Customers can watch on screens located across the pub, the prices of drinks fluctuating according to demand. They can also download the Café Dalal Street app for Android and IOS and keep track of the prices of drinks on their smart phones and place their orders.

Spirits start at a base price and are governed by the laws of demand and supply. Based on frequency of order and the time periods within which customers place orders, the demand of a particular spirit, wine or beer grows or declines and the prices go up or down. So, at Café Dalal Street you can drink without feeling the pinch of prices. The good news for customers is that sometimes the market crashes, allowing them to sip single malts and the finest cocktails at throwaway prices. 

This innovative place in Delhi’s upmarket Connaught Place is spread across 6000 sq. feet and the ambience reflects an old stock exchange. The space is divided into sections, with each area having its own vibe and definition. There’s a huge bar with special seating and a cosy private dining room. LED tickers and TV screens add to the buzz.

Delhi Connaught Place

Café Dalal Street came into being when the founders found a dearth of innovative drinking and partying places in Delhi. They wanted to create a place that would be exciting enough for people to want to go there frequently. That dream has taken shape and become Café Dalal Street.

The bar menu has drinks with quirky names like Bankrupt (JD silver select, maraschino, vermouth rosso and Bombay), Bull Chaser (vodka spice beer and passion) and Invested (gin, berries and cardamom), and there’s a special cocktail menu for ladies which includes Khatti Meeti (vodka, aam panna and coconut) and Chocolate Martini (rum, chocolate and vanilla).

While the attractively priced drinks are a big draw here, the food, created by Chef Hemant Singh, represents the diversity in cuisines across the globe.  The menu spans the gamut from Minestrone to Goat Cheese Salad, Milano Eggplant Caponata Crostini, Edelweiss Baby Back Ribs to Drunken Chicken, Pan fried Tilapia fish with Calamari, Grilled polenta cakes and more. There are also pasta, pizza, burgers and a range of bar bites on offer. You can end on a sweet note with Caramel and Green Lime Flan or Red Velvet Cake.


Call Now : +917210114539 to make reservations.

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