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Not everyone gets the chance to experience Middle Eastern culture and be wonderstruck. But one can step outside, hire an on demand cab through the smartphone, and set destination as Casbah, The Elevate Lounge at Westin Hyderabad Mindspace. 


Casbah was launched during December, the best month of the year in Hyderabad to a classy and tasteful gathering. Designed for panache and elegance which reflects the crucial aspects of Middle Eastern culture, Casbah managed to take away the breath of the attendees like magic. The lounge takes form of a patio which opens up to the great skies coupled with a beautiful water fountain that sets you in the mood for an enchanting date. 

The exceptional culture of the Middle East serves as inspiration for the ambience of the place which is of arched walls, low seating, stunning wall art and riveting music. Hues of white, along with shades of blue creates the tone for the décor. On a breezy day, one gets instantly transported to the astonishing Greek islands in the city of Hyderabad. 

The Launch

The launch of Casbah, to be described in one word was : Sophisticated. The launch of Casbah was planned so that the guests could have a wonderful food. The bar counter owned by Ciroc was filled with drinks that were nothing less than tasteful. Cocktails made to taste well with the food was carefully selected by the bartender to keep the spirits of the launch skywards. 

The Chef at Casbah made careful arrangements to ensure that the palette of every attendee of the event was to their expectations. Ingredients for the food was chosen fresh from the market and every part of the food which made the dish more magical was sourced from distant shores.  

The menu included  delectable blend of Mediterranean food and Middle Eastern flavors. Guests were treated plenty with finger food like Shish Kebab (Skewered Lamb chunks with vegetables), Kofte Kebab (Char grilled minced lamb infused with aromatic spices) and Cold Mezze Platter (Baba Ganoush, Hummus, Labneh served with Pita Bread). Praises for Team Kitchen was heard from across the places and truly overwhelming.

The night closed with a brilliant performance by Faridkot, a desi Rock n Roll outfit. Faridkot’s music is a mixture of shifting blues guitars and harmonic love melodies blended around a thumping percussion and bass. Faridkot’s music is described in certain circles as Confused Pop. A night of revelry unfolded with guests actively dancing to the tunes of this uplifting Indian band. 

A huge success, Casbah can be described as one place Hyderabad needed to seep in the charms of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

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