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published time By Liveinstyle published time 01 Sep, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

Digital and economic landscapes are exploding with changes alongside technological advances and globalization thanks to the increase in innovation, creativity and the number of people joining the workforce to help materialize this effect. There is a uprising surge in self-employed individuals, entrepreneurs, and telecommuting workers who all primarily function without a fixed workstation alongside big corporations who are now integrating similar norms. With the advent of new professionals breaking the generation barriers, the nomenclature of work culture is transforming exponentially and it is important for us to incorporate these changes.

We have identified 5 new developing changes to the work space:

1. Breaking walls and barriers



Getting rid of boundaries is a way to diversify our outlook, and diminished work enclosures widely known as Cubicles have grown too small for our broad minds. 


2. Unfixed work spots




Open spaces and freedom of movement are the "in" thing. The chances of networking and collaboration increase exponentially and with least effort.   


3. Co-working with the like-minded


 Co-working environment


Creating a social environment in which a community or group of like-minded folks can work together results in more fruitful outcomes than randomly aligned work spaces. Applying the aforementioned rules will enable the same.


4. Fuel the mind and soul


Fuel the mind


Catering to the diverse palate is quite challenging, but here at the Church Street Social/Social Offline, you are given more options than you can choose from, and deals that are irresistible. If you are a looking for a workspace that associates all the pointers we have discussed so far, then it should certainly be your go-to destination.

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