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About the Place

You wouldn’t get enough of this one! Just when you have the immanent urge to cash in something lucrative, maybe trade up a good deal, head straight to this uniquely thought-over café, Delhi's first ever stock exchange bar – Café Dalal Street. It isn't a new concept for a lot of you from Mumbai but for Delhi, it's drawing eyeballs, feverishly. Located in the coveted Connaught Place, this place is riveting attention, primarily, because of it's unique and playful concept. The Modus operandi revolves around speculation - so, play your ponies! Just like any Stock Exchange, at this fun café, you trade through drinks albeit and not shares. This place gives you a reason to luxuriate in the thrill of more than just reveling with friends. Choose your drink according to the fall of the price – and the price would completely depend upon the demand or popularity of the drink, just saying! Spirits start at a base price and are governed by the laws of demand and supply. Based on frequency of order and the time periods within which different customers place orders, the demand of a particular spirit, wine or beer grows or declines and the prices go up or down. It's fun to keep your eyes fixed onto the screens and tickers that are all over – It could just be your lucky evening if the market crashes and you get to savor your favorite potion – single malt, wine or maybe martini at throwaway prices. Yay!

Cafe Dalal Street

P:S They have a real time application that allows you to keep a tap on the rising and falling prices of your favourite potion. You could directly place your order from the app without having to sweat it out for a waiter. You could take charge, completely! 

Brainchild of two enthusiastic youngsters from the financial background, Himanshu Gupta and Vidit Gupta, this place exudes vivacity and buoyancy – a quirky concept bar that aspires to churn out the best of the concoctions for the city's gastronomes and connoisseurs. They were ably supported in this endeavour by Mr. Gurcharan Singh and Mr. Prateek Kochar.


Cafe Dalal Street Cocktail & Drinks

Himanshu Gupta, Co-Founder – Café Dalal Street, elaborates, “we looking at cocktails from a very personal point of view. We have blindly copied a few of the Cocktails and shots, that we used to have at University in UK, as we wanted the savants in our city to experience them. For example the Tequila Rosé which is primarily strawberry ice cream and tequila with rose flavour and although it's diluted, after a few shots, you'd feel the power kick. Then there are the Animators (red bull, vodka, tequila and juice) and Siders ( fruit flavoured beer) – not very famous in Delhi – but they are worth every penny”.

Drinks make up for the largest scheme of things at this Café. The elongated bar serves some really innovative concoctions – both mock-tails and cocktails. Try the ones with innovative names -  Bankrupt (JD silver select, Maraschino, Vermouth rosso and Bombay Sapphire), Bull Chaser (Vodka spice Beer, and, Passion), Invested (Gin, berries and cardamom), The Wolf  Punch (Apple Vinegar) etc. … Alert! Bankrupt is one of the most expensive drinks at the bar – the potent drink can dig a big hole in your pocket. 



Besides, basking in this addictive thrill, you could even dance to the exuberant music churned out by the in-house Dj. The Quirky ambience will let you take a back seat and enjoy a hearty meal with your friends. The wall-art engulfs you straight away. The lights have been kept muted so it doesn't overpower your tete-e-tete. The space overall has a grungy vibe with a big Bull face installation on the walls. The led tickers and TV screens all across make the space very interactive and buzzy thereby enriching the experience of being in a real stock market. A spectacular terrace overlooking some of the most prominent buildings of Connaught Place adds a zing to the entire place.

P:S: There are sections that let you choose your quaint corner – lounge area, casual dining and bar-tables - choose your pick.  



A killer twist to our very own ‘king of street food’ – golgappas, is Butter Chicken golgappas. Don't swoon. It's their signature appetizer and must tell you, as risky as it sounds, it's surprisingly unique and delicious. Their Kebabs run up close to fetch the second most popular position – the chicken tikka varieties are scrumptious.

If you enjoy dumplings – this places serves delectable semi-grilled-semi-steamed chicken dumplings that could be paired with Scotch (Works for me, though).

Ohh, the Shrimp Tacos were quite delicious. Crisp and fresh tacos that had a sumptuous filling of shrimps and veggies – ummm! Their fired Prawns are so addictive – you wouldn’t stop at just one. The Keema Pie is a well balanced, piquantly spiced, minced mutton dish served with Delhi's very own papri.

 In regards to vegetarians Café Dalal Street has a variety of lip-smacking dishes on the menu like - Parmizana di melanzane (classic northern Italian that serves aubergines by layering them with Parmesan and tomatoes), Grilled polenta cakes, brie, tomato fondue, charred spinach, Cottage cheese steak


For reservations call +917210114539

This Article has been Written by: Saumya Chandel

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