5 reasons for you to party at 10 Downing Street, Hyderabad.

10 Downing Street is pretty much where it all started. Where what started you ask? This is not going to be a history lesson on British politics. On the other hand this is going to be a lesson on the party scene in Begumpet, Hyderabad. The only history you need to know is that 10 Downing Street, “TDS” or “10D” as it is sometimes called is over 2 decades old and pretty much set the tone for the Hyderabad party scene. 

1. You Don’t Need To Be Prim Or Proper At This 10 Downing Street:

Unfake with a large Smirnoff with soda and a twist of lime as you will not have matters of political importance to attend to in the morning. Let your tie hang loose and party hard.

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2. 99 Special

There will be no crumpets and tea but get your liquor for free! Well almost. When you have a special menu with all drinks and food for Rs. 99, it is as good as drinking for free.

Photo Credits: 10ds.in

3. Never A Dull Moment

There is a lot of important business at “TDS”. Club Saturdays, Bollywood Sundays, Vintage Mondays, Rock Tuesdays, Ladies Wednesdays, Karaoke Thursdays and Retro Fridays constitutes as very important business.

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4. Inner Circle At “10D”

10D offers you a 50% discount if you celebrate special days, like birthdays or anniversaries there. At the “Inner Circle”, you may not be consulted on matters like foreign policy, but you get to have the best time with your best friends. All you need to do is register for the big day.

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5. Old Style New Style

The scene at “TDS” is set like old time British Pubs but the parties are young and wild. Don’t let the ambiance fool you because you are going to be in for one rowdy night, any day of the week.

Photo Credits: 10ds.in

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