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  • I had always enjoyed oriental food growing up but got introduced to Thai food only after coming to Bangalore. While I enjoyed eating it I had never adult ventured into cooking of Thai food. But on our recent trip to Thailand right after our wedding we explored the real Thai flavours. From learning how to pair flavours together to trying out the most unexpected flavours on the local street market we got hooked on to the Thai flavours and more so it's snacking culture. Shopping from one cart to another we sampled some amazing food including the wonderfully flavoursome lemongrass fish to the fiery basil chicken. We spent most of our evenings chugging Thai cocktails and sampling the snacks at different joints and the days learning some of the local tricks and tips on cooking these absolutely fresh and flavoursome dishes. Since the time we came back we have continues to explore those flavours and enjoyed treating our friends and family to the wonderful world of Thai snacking culture and their Cocktails. With this OpenOut I bring to you that freshness of Thai snacks paired With some out of the world cocktails made with Palm sugar and tamarind and lychees- "The Thai Experience". Come join our OpenOut for an evening filled with stories of our food expedition in Thailand through the taste of it's cocktails, snacks and a refreshing dessert.

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    • 07:00 PM - 10:00 PM
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