Why every night should be Ladies Night

With International Women’s Day around the corner, it’s probably a good time to take a look at that strange phenomenon called Ladies Night.

One night of the week, when  some bars offer free or significantly discounted food and drinks to the fairer sex. Now a lot of men might sit up and say, “There’s nothing fair about Ladies Night.”

But stick with me, and I’ll convince you that not only is Ladies Night not so bad for us men, it actually plays right into our hands. You’ll be pushing to make every night Ladies Night once you’re through reading this.

So why am I so much in favour of Ladies Night? Here’s my list of reasons, in no particular order.

Mid-week date night: Most establishments designate Ladies Night on a weekday. So why not latch on and set a standing weekly date with your Significant Other for Ladies Night? You’ll get some great discounts, save a lot of dough and earn a bagful of brownie points too!

Mid-Week Ladies Date


Mid-week guys’ night: Not so keen on a mid-week date? Encourage the girlfriend to make Ladies Night her weekly “Girl’s Night Out” with her friends. She’ll love the idea and her friends will definitely approve too. And if there’s anyone you need to win over, besides her parents, it’s her girlfriends.

And while she’s out with her friends, you can kick back with the boys, a few brews, and whatever random game is on television. It doesn’t even matter if it’s the world curling championship. Bonding with the boys is what the evening should be about.


Dress-up night: Our completely legit scientific research, totally not fake at all, proves that all women put in 113% extra effort to look great on Ladies Night. So whether you take her out on a date, or whether she heads out with the girl-gang, she’s going to bring her A-game in the dress-up department, and there’s no need to explain why that’s good for you, is there?


Lame-boy night: In the course of our completely real research we mentioned earlier, we also found that the stags who go out on ladies night are usually losers. But they’re a big part of why your woman is happy and content in your relationship. One night out in the club being hit on by these losers is enough to have her thanking her lucky stars, that she in fact, bagged one of the few good ones.


Drink-up night: Like I said earlier, Ladies Night involves discounts on the drinks for the women. Which means your girlfriend will feel less guilty about that second glass of wine. More wine leads to lowered inhibitions. That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Still not convinced? Make Ladies Night a part of your calendar for the next few weeks, and you’ll know what I mean.

Ladies Night is a calculated move to make the women in our lives feel special, while still making sure we get the best out of it. So you shouldn’t be complaining.

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