White Mischief Girls on their love for Cricket, the Kings, fans, Awana and more!

Is this your first trip to India, How has your experience been?

Yes, it’s our first time in India and we love it here. It is a very nice country. The places are good, the people are warm and the food is delicious. Fans love us wherever we go and we enjoy performing for them. We feel very proud to be here.

Is it just about cheering or do you really follow cricket?

We follow now. We didn’t know much about it before. We were surprised to know that the test cricket is a 5 day game, but we all love T20. Cheering is our passion & we love doing that and now we’ve started to follow cricket, even though we don’t know much about it, we love it.

India is so hot, how do you manage to keep yourself fit and ready for performing in such a hot climate, how do you always manage to smile?

Yes, it is very hot here but we always go to the gym to keep ourselves fit. We believe that the fans give us the real energy. We perform for them and we love it when they appreciate us. They are the inspiration behind us. We just love them, when we smile and cheer for them, they reply back by waving and clapping.

How does it feel to be a part of Kings XI Punjab?

We feel very proud and lucky to be a part of the Kings XI Punjab. We love the team, the fans and Preity Zinta. She is very supportive.

When you’re not performing (cheering), what do you like to do?

We love swimming; we can spend our entire day at the pool. It’s always fun to roam around in different cities and shop. When we are bored we like to watch movies. We like Titanic and after watching it we start crying (laughing).

You know, fans say that we (KXIP) have got the best and the most beautiful White Mischief Girls. Your thoughts on this.

We believe you (smiling). We all perform just to hear this from the fans. All of us work really hard and it feels great to hear such nice words. We also think that KXIP has the best fans, and we’ll continue to give our best.

Do you have any rivalry with other cheerleaders from other teams?

(Laughing) No, I don’t think there is any rivalry between any of us. But you know, when our team loses we feel as if the other team’s cheerleaders have beaten us. We always have happy faces on field but sometimes when our Kings lose, we even cry sometimes after reaching the hotel. We always want our team to win.

Who’s your favorite cricketer from the Kings XI Punjab and why?

Aahhhh, we all love Awanaaaa. He is such a great cricketer and a fighter on the field. He always give his hundred percent and he is such a good dancer too. He is always the highlight of the after match parties. We also love our captain, Adam Gilchrist because he is a legend and a great leader.

Your message to the KXIP fans.

We all love you and we all love the Kings just the way you do. Keep supporting the team. Thanks for appreciating our hard work. We will continue to cheer louder and harder for the team and for you.

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