Vladivar Pub Rock Fest @ Attitude Alive!

Then came “Thermal and a Quarter” from Bengaluru, the more interactive band of the two bands. They were on stage for their performance with Bruce Lee Mani on guitar and vocal, Rajeev Rajagopal on drums, and Prakash KN on bass guitar. It was a rocking performance. Though they had a minor technical problem, he handled it well some wits. All along it was again a hardcore rock performance. I especially liked one song about “Auto rickshaw fares in Bengaluru” which was funny actually.

Vladivar Pub Rock Fest which is sponsored by “Vladivar Vodka”. A total of about 50 gigs are going to happen all across India in 15 major cities like Gurgaon, Bengaluru, and lots more. A great encouragement to all the Rock Bands of India and budding talents which is a great initiative by Vladivar Brand being a moral support to them, or I should say in the words of Bruce Lee Mani “a beacon of hope”.

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