Stories behind the Ink

It exhibits daredevilry of players from Delhi Daredevils. Kevin Pietersen, Doug Bracewell and Umesh Yadav. They all are inked. Even the team analyst, Sandeep is not far behind.
In recent years, tattoos may have become a fashion accessory but for Umesh Yadav, getting inked was more of a tradition than fashion. He dedicates his tattoo to his mother who expired a year back. It gives him strength and reminds him of her support during difficult times. His other tattoo is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

Doug Bracewell has a couple of tattoos over his arms, both dedicated to his family while the team analyst Sandeep is content with just one on his wrist.

But who’s the boss among the Daredevils when it comes to tattoos?

Kevin Pietersen!! Not One, Not Two but Five!!

The stories behind Kevin Pietersen’s tattoos are as interesting as his tattoos. Kevin Pietersen is a showman. He loves to catch people's attention not only with his exploits on the field but off it too. He started his career with a rainbow of colours on his hair and now it’s the collage of tattoos over his body that works as a style statement.

The charismatic, 6 feet Pietersen walks tall, looks stern, but does not hesitate to talk about himself and his image.
“Each one of my tattoo has a very special memory attached to it. I got a three lions tattoo during a tour of South Africa. One of my tattoo mentions the year in which we won the Ashes and ICC T20 world cup; 2005, 2009, 2010, 2011. The other one is for the wife and kids” says Kevin Pietersen when asked about his tattoos.

His one-day international shirt bears the number 185. He got that number tattooed on the inside of his arm. Same is the case with his Test number 626.Even when it comes to clothes, he likes fashionable outfits, but prefers to be in cargo pants most of the time.

These are the stories of the Daredevils behind the ink.

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