Songs That Became Our Friends

A long, long time ago I can still remember how that music used to make me smile- Don McLean

And it still does! Growing up was never fun, what with the responsibilities, work, lack of sleep, and other such ordeals. But thankfully we had some amazing music that helped us get through those days. Other tracks have come, but none can take their place. They weren't just songs, they were and still are, our friends. Let me introduce you to some of my childhood friends.

At the age of 12, I met this gem of a song that helped me deal with a lot of my then-important problems. Linkin Park's One Step Closer screamed what was on my mind and became that instant friend that you could call whenever you needed help in a sticky situation.

Linkin Park - One Step Closer

15 bought another interesting friend that piqued my interest in girls and their hot mothers. This song taught me to always go for the big prize.

Fountains of Wayne - Stacy's Mom

My first love came at the age of 18 and I seemed to suffer from a loss of words whenever she was around. What would I say? I turned to another cool friend who told me exactly what to say to her.

Shaggy - Angel

Breakups are difficult and dealing with them is even worse. This friend had a weird sense of humor and told me exactly how to deal with my sorrow.

Puddle of Mudd - She Hates Me

My childhood and best friend taught me to always have a good time and look back at all the nonsense and say Good Riddance! Till date, it's exactly what I do. I hope you guys have the Time of Your Lives.

Green Day - Time Of Your Life

Introduce some of your friends to us too. Tell us about that one song that became your friend over the years!

Article By: Neville Mathews is a twenty-something working professional, an avid reader and a regular festival goer. You may see him in the mosh pit dressed in black and military shorts. Do stop by to say hi.

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