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published time By Shweta Kulkarni published time 20 Feb, 2015 Share image 0 Shares

A self-confessed party animal, Sonali Raut who created quite a furor during her sojourn in the Bigg Boss 8 house with her bindaas and care-a-damn attitude, is always ready to let her hair down and have some good fun. In an exclusive chat with, the‘ Xposé’ actor shares her party fundas, her favorite music and also recalls her memorable meeting with the famous musician - Axl Rose.  

How many parties have you attended after your exit from the Bigg Boss 8 house?
I must have attended approximately 10-12 parties in almost 30-35 days. I even went to Goa for a holiday soon after I exited the BB8 house and partied a lot at Morjim beach. Now the partying is happening too much, there have been so many invites after BB8… so I think I will go a little slow now.

Top five clubs where you usually head to when in the mood for clubbing…
I really like Exo (Palladium Hotel, Lower Parel); it is nice and has a very classy crowd. So, whenever I want to chill with my friends and I am in the mood to party, we usually head to Exo. The only thing is that its super packed always and hence we ensure we book a private table as well.

I am also a fan of Royalty (Bandra).  They always have these happening nights. One reason why I really like Royalty is because I have some special memories from there.  It is the place where I met Axl Rose of Gun N’ Roses fame. I had been there once with my girlfriends. We were sitting at the bar; he came towards us and started chatting with us. Initially, I did not recognize him, but soon people started coming towards him and started taking his autograph. Later, I realized he had bodyguards around him and then it hit me that – ‘Oh my God he is The Axl Rose from the hard rock band Guns N’ Roses.’  We connected really well and after Royalty, we chilled with him at Taj Lands End, as he was staying there. He even invited me to his house in Beverly Hills.

Third on my list is Blue Frog (Lower Parel). They have a lovely ambience and they usually have live shows and live music happening. So you will often see me around there.

I am also very fond of Bora Bora (Bandra), though it is not really a party place; it is one of my favorite. Especially for the music they play, I think they play the best music. The best thing about Bora Bora is they not only have the audio playing but also the video.

Another joint that I often visit is Shiro (Worli).  I really like the Friday nights over there because I love retro music.

What usually makes you hit the dance floor?
I like having beer and sometimes a cocktail…usually Mojito, and after one or two drinks it’s the music that does the trick. If the music is good, I hit the dance floor instantly.

So what kind of music do you prefer?
I like retro, R&B and hip-hop. I love Rihanna and Beyonce’s songs too. David Guetta is very good.  And obviously our Hindi numbers… Bollywood is always fun whether it is ‘Saadi Ke Fall Sa’ or a Honey Singh number.

Your favorite party destinations around the world?
Amsterdam, I have been to some amazing parties there. I want to go to Brazil; I have heard that the best parties happen there.

What is a party must have according to you?
Good music, and a bunch of fun-loving people with whom you can enjoy.

What is your favorite party outfit?
Nothing beats a nice short dress, but I do not like a LBD. I am bored of black. So something with a dash of color is just perfect for me. Skinny pants paired with a nice loose top and boots to finish the look is my current favorite look. If it’s a beach party then a casual dress or white top.

Best parties you have ever attended…
I really like Dr. Vijay Mallya’s parties. I have been to 3-4 kingfisher parties and they have been the best. These parties are very chilled out, they are usually during the daytime, and everyone is dressed in white. Sometimes the parties are on his yacht. His parties have the best ambience, best drinks, beautiful people and of course Dr. Mallya. Undoubtedly, he is the king of good times and ensures that his guests are having a great time too. I love his parties.

If you were hosting a beach party and could invite six people dead or alive…who would you invite?
First person who I would send the invite to will be Salman Khan, next on the invite list will be Hugh Jackman, I love him immensely. I will also invite my sister Ujjwala Raut, she is usually the life of the parties, she is cool and fun. I love Michael Jackson so he will be definitely invited for my party. Then Obama and tennis player Roger Federer.

One person you will never invite to your parties…
I would like to invite everyone I know. I am not someone who will ever hold a grudge against someone.

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