Signature After Match Party @ UB City, Bangalore

It was an exciting win for RCB against Kings XI. And it all ended with stereotype firework show with many thousand fans cheering to success at the stadium. I had been waiting for the Signature After Match Party to begin. We were at UB City Amphitheater, and it sure is the best place Bangalore has in its stock to celebrate for our very own Royal Challengers Bangalore Team win. When the LCD displays and fireworks at the stadium (we could see both, yeah) confirmed the win, it kicked-off a huge shout at the party and here we were - the hottest party in town had just begun.

Sneha & Nam-G had a very engaging Signature Bold & Beautiful fashion parade where supermodels showed us how far they have conquered with their designs, and we were definitely astonished, and cheering. All the minutes, all the moments! And when it stopped, up next was DJ Whosane fading in the most popular music in stadium, Club Can't Handle Me (Flo Rida) for the Mischief Gals performing a complete set of moves that we see in parts when RCB claims a six or a wicket. As the party continued, we got to meet and know RCB elements in person.

While we were leaving, we were pretty sure that everyone enjoyed every bit of this Signature After Match Party as you can see in the adjoining video too! The memories of this party will never fade with the pictures shared here. Worth a look again!

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