Signature After Match Party @ ITC Gardenia, Bangalore

It started off slow with guests trickling in and soon filled up to the brim with all the celebrities and stars. Cocktails started flowing and the crowd moved to the sounds of the DJ while munching on some delicious finger food. And then the much awed White Mischief Gals entertained the crowd with a springy cheer routine with the crowd cheering them on. Followed by the much-awaited Signature Bold and Beautiful fashion show, with gorgeous models walking the ramp for Designer Manoviraj Khosla in a collection of evening cocktail dresses with photographers shooting away with equal enthusiasm.

With music pumping the energy of the crowd of models, designers, dj's, cheerleaders and photographers to name a few, conversations flowed from cricket to fashion with women in pencil stilettos and beautiful dress sitting pretty on couches all around.

The excitement visibly doubled as a few players of the Mumbai team made an appearance. Munaf Patel happily obliging to fans and photographers with big smiles and Andrew Symonds sat around talking to his friends and fans.

As the night rolled on and the bar closed, people started leaving in their chauffeur driven cars. Taking with them memories of a glam night, Signature's Bold and Beautiful.

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