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published time By Sonali Velinker Kamat published time 18 Jan, 2016 Share image 2 Shares

Hrithik Roshan B'day Party - Celebrity Parties

Hrithik Roshan’s birthday party may have been last week’s hottest celebrity-packed bash, but it is still making front page news. Whatever anyone may say to the contrary, when you host a mega-bash, you want it to be the sort of soirée that people are talking about for a long time. Of course you need that little sprinkling of intangible ‘it’ factor, but throwing the ‘party of the season’ isn’t all elusive magic.

If you’d like your next bash to be the talk of the town, read on for tips we’ve picked up from party perennials and seasoned society hostesses over the years. Here’s a roadmap to hosting a party for celebrities — or at least a bash that is worthy of the stars!

HAVE GOOD REASON: To ensure your guests save the date and show up in droves, you’ve got to give them good reason. A party to mark a birthday, an engagement, a festival or any other milestone celebration will always receive better response from guests. Alternatively, a party that follows an awards function or one that introduces your guests to another famous person is bound to be well attended. Case in point: Anil Kapoor’s ‘Meet Tom Cruise’ party or the bash Parmeshwar Godrej hosted for talk show legend Oprah Winfrey.

BASICS FIRST: Before you plan a multi-cuisine menu and fly in chefs from around the world, remember that a party is meant — first and foremost — for people to meet and greet each other. It’s not called ‘hobnobbing’ and ‘mingling’ for nothing! Ensure that you plan your party in a way that allows guests to interact amongst themselves: don’t split the venue up across too many different rooms or areas and don’t insist on a sit-down event unless it is preceded by a less-formal cocktail or followed by an all-out dance fest. Keep the event flow and number of guests in mind, so attendees can network and nosh with equal enjoyment.

ENTERTAIN: A party for a close circle of friends needs no intervention, but if you are planning a less intimate bash for a large group of people, do give the evening’s entertainment some thought. Card games are the staple amusement at the Bachchan Diwali bash for instance, but other occasions merit different forms of entertainment. Super-hot Sophie Choudry recently sang at a party in the capital and was such a crowd-pleaser that former Civil Aviation Minister Praful Patel got up and joined her in song. That’s certainly something no one will forget in a hurry!

DAZZLE: It’s not a prerequisite, but it helps to offer up a breath-taking, unusual venue or some other out-of-the-ordinary twist. Shilpa Shetty-Kundra’s fortieth birthday bash in Montenegro will forever be remembered by her celebrity guests for its location, not to mention its Bond-inspired theme. If an exotic international location isn’t feasible, consider bringing the exotic home, like Anu and Sunny Dewan did some years ago — flying in an acclaimed international circus act (with several dozen performers) for a star-studded birthday party. Of course you could hire Lionel Richie to sing at your soirée or, like another exclusive birthday bash we attended a few years ago, Akon works too!

BUILD SOME BUZZ: One sure-fire way to ensure your party is well-attended and memorable is to allow some hype to build up around it. Slip a juicy pre-party nugget to your local diarist or well-followed blogger friend, just to let people know you are hosting a big ticket event that shouldn’t be missed. When your invitation finally arrives in the mail, it will not end up in the bin — in fact, some folks will have mentally RSVPed in the affirmative even before receiving your invite!

PLAN FOR PERFECTION: If you follow all these suggestions, you are just one step away from that signature celebration — but it’s still a big step. Remember that your party must live up to the hype, so ensure that the food is fantastic, the bar is well stocked and the comfort of your guests is planned for to perfection. Now all that’s left is to dress and impress — and enjoy the accolades afterwards! 

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