Laugh riots by Rob Schneider at Black Dog Comedy Evenings, Gurgaon!

When the clock struck 8 p.m., the doors were opened to the gallery and the people rushed to take their seats in the front row and i managed to find one for me. The opening act was done by our own stand-up comedian, Sorabh Pant. He pelted the first batch of comedies which officially started the laugh riot. He performed for almost 15 minutes which was filled with colossal comedy and he rightly introduced Rob to the crowd.

Rob entered the stage with traditional Indian Namaste and continued where Sorabh left. Couple of voices from the audience shouted “YOU CAN DO IT”, his famous punch line from WATERBOY. I guess poor Rob was so annoyed by the way we use car horns here, hence he started his act with a car horn one and it was hilarious. He touched lot of topics like women behavior, retail giants, politicians, again women behavior and more.

To protect the sanity of the article, I have not included any of the jokes :), but I will conclude by telling what Rob did when he was annoyed with Adam Sandler and made this joke. There were three midgets, and one of them said “I have the tiniest hands” and other one said “I have the tiniest legs” and the last one said “I have the tiniest penis”. They all participated in the Guinness Book of Records, the first and second won but the third one came out screaming who is Adam Sandler, I am going to kill him. With that, we came to the end of the show and I came with a broken voice because of my continuous laughter. Thanks to for a fun-packed evening!

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