In Session: 2Blue Interviews DJ Paroma

There are people who have always wanted to be DJs just so they could play the music they love for other people. And if the words of the late guitar legend Jimi Hendrix are to be paid any heed to, “Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music.” On that note, there must be a lot more that the world owes to musicians and DJs than we may realize. This article features celebrity DJ Paroma Chatterjee who recently wowed us all with her mixes during the seventh season of the hugely popular Indian Premier League (IPL). “Never ever give up on anything that you have always wanted to do,” she says. Read on to find out more about her experience.

2Blue: The IPL is the most-watched cricketing event in the world. With its brand equity estimated at USD 3.03 billion last year, it is the most commercially successful of its kind. What was it like being associated with it? Give us the details... the inside jokes... the mistakes... you get the drift. [2Blue winks]

DJ Paroma: Well, I was highly privileged to be a part of something that’s so massive in itself. The catch here is that it’s all live. It isn't a film or a TV serial where you can afford to make mistakes and then correct it later. I must say that they are all professionals. I barely saw anyone make any mistakes. We still had a lot of fun on the sets, which was like home for us for 25 days. This video should let you see what I’m saying.

2Blue: What’s your favorite team and who’s your most favorite cricketer? Why?

DJ Paroma: My favorite team has been KKR all the way and Robin Utthappa has been the number one on my list. I don't really think I would need to answer why he is my favorite. You guys sure know it. [Paroma smiles]

2Blue: Have you had a chance to meet with the aforementioned? If yes, tell us more. Once again, please include the juicy details that no one knows about yet. Yes, the kind that could get me into trouble for publishing. [2Blue winks again]

DJ Paroma: I have personally met with everyone who has come to the show but only on the sets. And you know there couldn't possibly be any juicy gossip on the sets. You could still check out this video from the green room. Be warned. I’m getting my makeup done. [Paroma laughs out loud]

2Blue: IPL has had its fair share of controversies. Betting, money laundering, and match fixing are just a few of the instances. What are your views on the aforementioned?

DJ Paroma: It's hard to speak about the fixing of matches. There have been times when just before the match you almost know who would win considering their history in the tournament. But suddenly, during the match there would be a drastic drift which none of us would understand. What we watched was the same as you guys did on TV. Hence, no comments.

2Blue:What has your most favorite IPL moment been? Also, is there a memory associated with IPL that you’d like to erase? Why?

DJ Paroma: My favorite IPL moment was when KKR bagged their victory this year. I just could not stop smiling and I went so speechless that when Gaurav asked me how I felt, I couldn't speak a word. Nothing in this IPL would I like to erase. Every moment has been special and shall remain etched in my memories forever.

2Blue: How can our readers stay tuned to your gig updates? Where can we catch you next?

DJ Paroma: Well, all my updates are always posted on my social links. All you have to do is just follow me on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and SoundCloud. [Paroma smiles again]

Article By: 2Blue (aka Tirthankar Poddar) forayed into the Mumbai rock circuit in 2000. Having gained notoriety for his powerful high-pitched singing and on-stage charisma, he was soon invited to sing for Vayu. After 5 years in Vayu and countless monumental shows, 2Blue formed the hard rock band Zedde (pronounced z?d). Always a man for his heroes, the self-taught singer attributes his vocal prowess to his childhood heroes: David Coverdale, Joe Lynn Turner, Ian Gillan, Ronnie James Dio, and Bruce Dickinson. For him, if a thing was good once, it always is.

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