Guide To Organising a BBQ Party

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December - oh, the crispy winter! As the mercury is on the drop, you see a lot of barbeque-themed parties popping up everywhere. But the thing about barbeque parties is: you always want to go to one, but not host one.

Liveinstyle helps you make this dilemma go away, with these following steps:


Pick a place, ideally a friend's terrace or a garden is perfect for BBQ parties. An open-air environment helps while grilling the food. However, if all else fails, then, you could host it indoors but just make sure the BBQ grill is as close to a window as possible, so that there is enough air for the smoke to escape.


A BBQ party is a theme by itself. You could spice things up a little with a specific theme - something that blends with the temperate climate. For e.g., A Cardigan Night - and maybe you could mix it up with a 'dark or light shades only' session. Or, if you're feeling bold, plan a beach-party theme - with the heater on full blast!


The decor depends on the theme, but even if you don’t have a theme and just want a generic BBQ party, all you will need is a couple of long tables, plenty of chairs for people to sit, plastic cups, plates, spoons, forks etc, a barbeque to grill, and, of course, most importantly, the food !


The food can be anything you like from things on the grill or even lightly tossed salads. Ideally barbeque food consists of grilled beef or chicken, sausages, frankfurters, mashed potatoes, corn on the cob, light salads, coleslaw, burger buns - to go with the grilled beef, and condiments like mustard, ketchup and mayo to slather on those burger buns and even baked beans, etc. Dessert is always a nice way to end lazy lunch, so traditionally, an apple pie with ice cream would work, but you could even do lots of freshly cut fruit to help cool down after the food overdose. Traditionally, it isn't considered a BBQ party without a grill, so that is, of course, the most important element along with a friendly volunteer to stand behind the grill and fire it up. So, along with the food, a really important element is getting enough coal for the grill and an experienced hand to operate it.


Cocktails like sangrias, mojitos that help cool you down are great options for a drink menu. Of course, you must not forget your non-drinking guests and similar mocktails or fruit juices always work well at a summer party.


The main entertainment to ensure that it’s a fun party is some good music. If you're seriously dedicated to a traditional barbeque party, get a dance floor and some square dancing music! Most parties don’t have any because people are always chatting and there is enough noise. But I think it’s always nice to have music playing because it sets everyone in the mood. If there is enough space and you are in an open area (like a garden), you could even do fun games like Twister. It might be old school but some games have a universal appeal and help make it a fun party.

These are the basic elements that you would need for a barbeque party but the most important of them all is to make sure you have all your friends come and enjoy themselves. Party planning is hard but definitely worth it, so, give it a shot. You have a long hot Indian summer to plan your very own BBQ Bash!

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