Fake it? No way!

With DJs and artists left, right and center, one tends to wonder, if the music they play is their own or is it some cover or a pre-recorded mix. Well, here are 5 artists who always #unfakeit.

Nari and Milani: After being accused of playing through a USB, this crazy duo decided to play their signature track live in front of a crowd of 20,000 people. They not only killed it, but managed to shut the mouths of the skeptics.




Experience the said track here:

Dualist Inquiry: An interesting and innovative Indian act that never has a dull moment. Pre-mixed sets are not even a part of his dictionary as he makes his music on stage where he feels most inspired. Here’s one of my favorite tracks that is totally Unfake.

Paul Van DykA veteran in the trance scene and rumoured to have tutored the God of trance Armin Van Buuren, Paul Van Dyk only knows how to CRUSH his critics with UNFAKE music. It’s now time to CRUSH.

Infected Mushroom: Who hasn’t heard of these guys? Throwing guitars and crazy effects to it, they have never faked their way through a gig. Listening to them is one thing, but catching them live is an experience like no other.

Check out the heavyweights of trance in action:

Ajja: Ajja is one name synonymous with epic music and one of the few who take their music beyond unfake all the way to brilliance. Breaking traditions, let's take a look into dark psy trance. 

Check out his tracks here:

Those were the 5 artists who don’t believe in faking it and always deliver what the audience can never expect. If you ever get the chance, do catch them live, because experiences like these don’t come often.

Article By: Neville Mathews

Neville Mathews is a twenty-something working professional, an avid reader and a regular festival goer. You may see him in the mosh pit dressed in black and military shorts. Do stop by to say hi.

Image Credit: soundbox.co.in, thebanginbeats.com, cloudfront.net, mixing.dj

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