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published time By Liveinstyle published time 30 Aug, 2013 Share image 0 Shares

Even the coaches and the support staff had decided to take a break and have fun. Darren Lehmann, Trevor Penny, Paul Skinner and David Bailey were present and were having animated conversations with the coaches and staff of the DD.

If someone asked me about the funniest incident in the after match party, I would waste no time in telling them that it was Chris Lynn and Rusty Theron dancing. It was unbelievably funny. I was standing next to Rusty and Chris and we were watching the male models posing topless. Just for the kick of it, Chris told me that he wanted to pose topless too and asked me if I could arrange it. He said he’d drag Rusty along. Five minutes later, an announcement was made, Chris, Rusty and Chipli were called on to the stage to dance. While Chipli was a little shy, Rusty and Chris took the crowd by surprise. They took off their shirts and started dancing. The crowd had a great time.

DJ Whoosane did an excellent job. Some of his remixes were an instant hit and the crowd started dancing like crazy (both people who can dance and those who can’t). Also, the performance by the cheerleaders was breathtaking – they are so beautiful. All my fellow-party animals enjoyed it. They were kind enough to pose for pictures with the fans. We loved the food, we love the hospitality, we loved the models (haha!) and we loved the party!Fantabulous!