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published time By Liveinstyle published time 05 Nov, 2012 Share image 0 Shares

Delicious Fried Paneer, Chicken, Chips were some of the snacks that were served. When everyone settled down, it was time for DC’s White Mischief Girls performance. Everyone was looking forward for a great performance and Boy! They did not disappoint. The cheerleaders danced amidst loud cheering and applause. The host then called on a Mr Nirmal Rajani and Mr Gurpreet Singh from the UB Group to say a few words.

The guests had a great evening. They were having some crazy fun. One gentleman was such a revelation that he volunteered to sing a song. He started singing ‘Khaike Paan Benaras wala..’. After a while, he took a pause and I thought the ordeal was over and then suddenly, he started the second stanza. The crowd was having a great time. The Deccan Chargers were welcomed with the DC anthem. The crowd sang along and then the players walked in. Sangakkara, Parthiv, White, Dhawan, Christian, Rusty, Tanmay and Steyn were in attendance. Shikhar Dhawan and Sangakkara were clearly the crowd favourites. Prathithi Mahapatra, a singer, performed for the guests. She had a strong voice and she sang with confidence. Some of the songs were ‘Golmaal golmaal’, ‘Jhum Jhum Jhum baba’, ‘Kaisa Jadoo Dala reyy’.

There was also a performance by the “Quick Change dancers”. The quick change dancers called Dale Steyn onto the stage to show everyone a few magic tricks. He was made to wear a black jacket and one of the girls was tied with thick ropes. After that, the other girl held up a cloth to cover both Steyn and the girl...and...Voila! Steyn was not wearing the jacket. Instead, the girl was wearing it UNDER THE ROPE! What an astonishing performance. Unbelievable! These girls also performed on ‘I am a disco dancer’. It was amazing and they really got the crowd excited with their killer dance moves.

The evening ended with dinner being served. The Hyderabadi Biryani was adjudged by many as the best dish of the evening - I completely agree. We will keep bringing you more news from the Parties, Matches etc. But, for now Tata Bye Bye!

Go Chargers!