Black Dog - An Evening with Melissa Totten

As the show continued the DJs played along groovy tracks there was the sweet aroma of the black dog exquisite scotch whiskey being served. The tinkering of the glass and the ice cubes made it even more enjoyable. A couple of lucky winners bagged the prized 18 year old blended Black Dog scotch.

Totten on a 7 city India tour grooved and played with the crowd, as the show rose to higher decibels. The crowd was in applause of the high voltage performance. She did keep them on tenterhooks till the final moments of the show, and they kept asking for more, wanting a little bit of the swinging star of the Saturday night. The evening finally came to an end as the Totten came about to the closing numbers singing a couple of Bollywood tracks, which received the highest number of laurels. All in all it was an evening to remember and Black Dog once again proved to be master host of another successful, well lit and glamorous night at the heart of the city.

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